11 of Cher’s Greatest Feminist Tweets

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Cher is arguably one of the greatest icons of all time. I will talk at length to anyone who is willing to listen about how much I love Cher and look up to her as a performer, activist, and feminist role model. The woman is 69, has gone on countless farewell tours, and has been unapologetic about her opinions about LGBTQ rights, animal rights, racism, politics, and religion. She is all about equality and she’s not afraid to let you know about it. Despite neverending tabloid reports of her impending doom and demise, Cher is as vibrant and vocal as ever.

If you follow Cher on Twitter, you know that the woman is open about her dyslexia and her excessive love of emojis. She often uses Twitter as a vehicle to share her opinions, rants, and to make impassioned pleas to her fanbase of 2.64 million followers (known as the Cher Crew) to show each other kindness and compassion.

Again, I could go on forever about how amazing Cher is, but I’ll allow you to see for yourself. It was a complete joy to read through Cher’s Twitter timeline, and I’ve selected 11 of her greatest feminist tweets from the past year.

1. cher1

Cher has absolutely zero time for your racist nonsense.

2. cher6

It takes a lot for a woman approaching 70 to post a photo of herself without makeup. Take that, ageism!

3. cher8

Every single untested rape kit represents one survivor whose assault remains unsolved. For additional information on the 400k untested rape kits referred to in the tweet above, check out How the U.S. Ended up with 400,000 Untested Rape Kits or EndTheBacklog.org.

4. cher5

Cher has zero patience for conservative values — even her mom’s.

5. cher10

I wonder who Cher will be voting for in the upcoming election?

6. cher2

Calling someone a bitch isn’t a feminist act, but I can’t entirely blame Cher given the amount of hate she receives from followers who are against her beliefs or make fun of her for her dyslexia. I include this particular tweet as an example that it IS a feminist act to question oppressive systems and to remain true to one’s beliefs.


The fight for equality exists even outside of U.S. borders.

8. cher14

Pretty self-explanatory, but I especially love “misogynist in chief”…

9. cher13

There are definitely other ladies who are upset about the wage gap, even more so considering that white women actually only make about 77 cents to the man’s dollar and women of color make 64 cents to the man’s dollar.

10. cher7

Cher’s just calling it like she sees it.

11. cher3

’nuff said.


In closing:  cher4