7 Feminist Mantras for the New Year

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible at keeping my New Year’s resolutions. I make a really good effort for a few weeks

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donate blood

Gay Men Can Now Donate Blood but Only if They’re Celibate

You know how something happens that’s really progressive and you think “This is amazing progress! Hallelujah!”? Then, something so backwards and antiquated happens that you

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Stop Comparing Everything to the Holocaust & Hitler

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump made the particularly odious suggestion of banning all Muslims from the United States. Public outrage followed, and it was

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A Black Hermione Broke the Internet

If you’re not a Potterhead, you may not know about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a new play by JK Rowling that tells the

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queer clubs

Keeping Queer Clubs Queer

About a month ago, I was reading my area’s local paper, The Valley Advocate, when an article about a local queer club caught my eye.

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One Woman’s Experience with the IUD

Two weeks ago I got the Mirena hormonal IUD. After a consultation with my gynecologist before the insertion, she asked me one last time if

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Christian Privilege: Christmas Edition

The other day my daughter wanted her Christmas drawing put up on the wall with her other works of art. My son also held up

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The Stigma of Being Single at the Holidays

I did a google search on being single at the holidays and found lots of articles on the topic. Many of the articles were specifically directed

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roller derby

Feminism, Diversity, and the Roller Derby Community

I was introduced to Roller Derby by my older sister, which is how I have been introduced to many things throughout my life. To take

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thin privilege

How to Determine If You Benefit from Thin Privilege

Thin privilege is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “The concept where overweight and obese Tumblr users (usually white women, but not limited to race,

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Dear New York Times: Young Feminists Vote, Too!

On Thursday, Feministing’s Dana Bolger penned a harsh but necessary critique of a Sunday The New York Times article on a bogus feminist generational war

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Christian Privilege: Political Edition

Mayor Mike Daniels of Pleasant Grove, Utah, illegally used city resources and public funds this month to circulate a religious letter promoting Christ to city employees.

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Carrie Brownstein’s “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl” and Sleater-Kinney’s “No Cities to Love” Tour: A Mash-Up Review

Sleater-Kinney recorded their 2005 album The Woods, the band’s last release before their 9-year hiatus, in Cassadaga NY, located approximately 20 minutes from where I

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hyde amendment

Could this be the End of the Hyde Amendment in Maine?

On November 24th, 2015 the American Civil Liberties Union, along with three Maine healthcare providers that offer abortion care services, filed a lawsuit against the

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The 2015 Feminist Gift List…Under $35!

The time is upon on us when we buy lots of things we can’t afford and give them to other people. If you know a

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On Spinsterhood in Arab Countries

As a 26-year-old single woman, I am considered to be entering the spinster zone according to my country’s standards. I am lucky enough to have

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Vintage Lesbians: A Review of the Movie “Carol”

Todd Haynes has adapted Patricia Highsmith’s groundbreaking love story into a film, and it is glorious. Leave it to a gay man to make the

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5 Ways Quinceañera Parties Reinforce Gender Roles

A young girl sits on a chair that overlooks a dance floor. Colored lights are beaming along the walls and she watches her family and

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The Holidays, Nonfiction Sex, and a Booklist

Happy Hanukkah, y’all! And Merry Christmas! And Joyful Saturnalia! And Convivial Kwanzaa! And, I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what other holidays happen around

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4 Surprisingly Feminist TV Moments This Season

As we head into winter finale time for the 2015-2016 season, let’s take a look back at some of the most feminist TV moments so

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