Boob Confidence: The Final Frontier of Body Positivity?

You may have noticed that encouraging body positivity is a thing we like to do as feminists. It’s kinda our jam.  But even though there

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Why #OscarsSoWhite Matters

For the second year in a row, the Academy Award nominations were announced with only white actors nominated in 20 acting categories. Some people are

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I’m A Feminist on Tinder and It’s Not So Bad

Being a young ‘adult’ single chick is weird. Especially when you’ve been in a relationship for four years and haven’t needed to learn any of

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Diversity in Modeling: The Fashion Faux Pas

Ah, fashion. A word that causes some to jump up and down with glee, and others to cringe and roll their eyes. Like it or

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Women Vs. Girls & The Pitfalls of Benevolent Sexism

Recently I had the displeasure of being around a man who wore his sexism and firmly ingrained gender roles on his sleeve. You couldn’t even

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Slut Shaming and the Language of Misogyny

I learned a new word the other day. Being a student of literature, I love to learn new words, but this particular one, not so

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The Feminism of The X Files

I’ve been a fan of The X Files for as long as I can remember. As a small girl, I’d huddle on the couch with

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Rape & Revenge Film: You Are Not Empowering Anyone

I watched a film recently in which a woman is raped by a man she mistakes for a blind date, only to be discovered later

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Christian Privilege: Personal Edition

I came out as an atheist on Openly Secular Day last April. It’s been nice to finally be honest about who I am and what I think, but it

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Masculinity, Instagram, and Lookism: Some Personal Thoughts

When Tanya, our editor-in-chief here at TRN, put out a call asking for someone to write about male body image from a personal perspective, I

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It’s Still Dangerous to Be a Woman in Politics

2016 began with blood. On January 2nd, after only one day in office Mayor Gisela Mota was assassinated. The first female mayor of Temixco, Mexico,

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Fun Facts on Carmilla, a Tale of Lesbians & Vampires

As both a literary nerd and queer feminist, I thought I would share some interesting tidbits on Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. Here’s the quick-n-dirty

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Abortion Speakouts and the Supreme Court

On January 19th from 12-6pm, the 1 in 3 Campaign, a project of the youth sexual health organization Advocates for Youth, will be hosting their

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Why Med Students Need to Learn How to Perform Abortions

According to statistics from CNN, today, nearly 90% of Americans have access to healthcare. This has been attributed largely to the existence of the Affordable

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On Being Mixed Race: I am Not a Percentage or a Fraction

I’ve noticed frequently when I’m having a conversation with someone about my racial identity, I start to feel frustrated by some of the language that

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girl interrupted

Girl Interrupted & The Romanticizing of Mental Illness

Girl Interrupted, the Susanna Kaysen memoir turned feature film, has had a strange impact on the work that I do. I am a Clinical Social Worker. I’ve worked

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sex ed

Pornography and Sex Ed in the Arab World

According to Google, among the top 20 countries searching for sex-related sites, six of them are Muslim countries, Pakistan being the first, followed by Egypt.

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mental illness

Stigma and the Choice to Disclose Your Mental Illness

Mental illness, though it is largely an issue of biological and environmental factors interacting to enforce certain maladaptive behaviors, is misunderstood. It is a common

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postpartum depression

The Language of Postpartum Depression

I spend a lot of time thinking about language. As a therapist, I hear people label fairly normal symptoms of stress as “anxiety attacks” or

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feeling fat

On Feeling Fat and Feminist

I’ve been a feminist for a long while. I grew up among mostly-empowered women in the culture of outspoken Jewish ladies. As a child, I

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