heart disease

4 Facts Women Need to Know About Heart Disease

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally. Over 2,000 Americans die every day from heart disease. Studies

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Online Harassment is a Constant Problem for Feminists

People often ask my why I use my full name, Courtney Loiacono, as my username on social media — particularly with my Twitter handle, @CourtLoiacono.

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dress for success

Dress For Success: Helping Women Achieve Financial Independence

I couldn’t decide what to wear. I had an interview in an hour and I was still staring helplessly in the mirror at myself in

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Feminism in a World that Isn’t Feminist Yet

I visited family recently and I mentioned my interest in social activism. I told people about the work I was doing and I called myself

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Nawal El Saadawi

Women We Love: Nawal El Saadawi

When I started writing for TRN, I discovered that I have relied on American and European female feminist writers to learn about feminism. I am

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The Battle Over Lexi

“As the foster parent, you can make or break reunification.” That’s what I was told during my foster parent classes. Since the birth parent is

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

3 Ways We Can Combat the Negative Stigma of Sexually Transmitted Infections

I recently had a very flustered friend approach me in tears, saying she had a bump near her vagina. Of course her first instinct was

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Campus Carry

The Rise of Campus Carry Laws and Sexual Assault

What is more dangerous than one upset 21 year-old with a gun? Easy, two. Last Friday, Georgia’s state legislature became the newest state to pass

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When Celebrities are Accused of Crimes Against Women and Children

Yesterday, while looking for a show to watch on Netflix, Paul Reubens winked at me from my TV screen.  I don’t follow Reubens’ career and

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title IX

Students: Do You Know your Title IX Rights?

What do you think of when you hear the term “Title IX?” Do you know what it is? How it’s used? Do you equate Title

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My Feminist Battle with and Recovery from Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I wasn’t necessarily at an age where I knew what cancer was. I was thirteen years old and the

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5 Things Transition Has Taught Me About Sexism

As a white transgender man, I knew that I would acquire some privilege when I began using testosterone. 377 days into hormone replacement therapy, I

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Misogyny at the Cardiologist’s Office

Now I’m no medical expert, but I know the heart is on the short list of organs I need to live. I mean, the body

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Nobody is Being Racist Towards White People…Ever

I’m a white Latina. My father was Latino and my mother is white. This positions me in a place where I can straddle racial lines a bit.

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sex education

It Gets Better (Kind of): The Fight for LGBTQ Sex Education

President Obama’s 2017 budget proposal eliminates all funding for abstinence-only sex education. This amounts to $10 million per year in grants that incentivize teaching abstinence-only. While

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broad city

10 Feminist Reasons to Watch Broad City

We need to talk about Broad City. Broad City is a show on Comedy Central, created and written by its stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana

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What Feminists Need to Know About HRC and Feeling the Bern

I imagine it’s hard to be a Republican feminist. They exist of course; on a fundamental level, Republicanism does not contradict feminism. Yes, really. However,

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Telemedicine Abortion: What it is and Why it Matters

Maine Family Planning, a health organization with clinics across the state of Maine, recently announced that they intend to begin offering telemedicine abortions at 16

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Just Two Gals: Choosing to Live with Women

On Valentine’s Day, a friend who I had only spent twelve days with in my entire life asked me to move in with her. That

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Bathroom Battles and Transgender Rights: Some Recent Developments

Despite growing awareness of transgender issues, transgender Americans do not have the same legal rights and protections in all 50 states. It is therefore unsurprising

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