Shin Takagi & Trottla: The Company Making Sex Dolls for Pedophiles

A man named Shin Takagi is the proud owner and founder of a Japanese company called Trottla. This company caters to a specific clientele; pedophiles.

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Keeping the Personal in the Political

We are in a time in which sexual and reproductive issues are receiving large amounts of political attention. Through legislation that seeks to deny transgender

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pubic hair

Pubic Hair and the Politics of Choice

The issue of female pubic hair has found its way into public debate recently, and there have been many articles discussing the choice that so many women

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word Hispandering

The term “Hispandering” has been around for a while. It first popped up around 2002, long before this year’s presidential election. The term refers to any

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Geeking Out for the Leading Ladies of Marvel

Spoiler Warning: mild character and plot spoilers ahead. At a time when comic book adaptations seem to be going strong, it feels like a good

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body modification

Body Modification Is Body Positivity

Julia Serano writes in her “experiential gender” chapter of Whipping Girl that one of the most difficult aspects of describing her transition stems from the

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puerto rico

Congress to Lower Puerto Rico’s Minimum Wage to $4.25

For months now, Congress has oscillated between obsessing over Puerto Rico’s debt crisis or ignoring it. Our small island territory is facing $70 billion in

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parental rights

Parental Rights for Rapists? Some U.S. States Make it Possible

Did you know that in a number of US states, rapists are granted parental rights? If you’ve been keeping an eye on Samantha Bee, you

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the boss

Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss: A Feminist Review

***Mild spoilers ahead. *** Melissa McCarthy, in my opinion, is a super talented, hysterically funny actor who has amazing hair. (Seriously. What does she put

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Congress’s Refusal to Consider Justice Nominee Threatens Women’s Healthcare

At first glance, the thrilling old man parade that is Supreme Court politics seems to be completely remote from feminism. However, the intricacies of politics

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miles morales

Miles Morales and the Case of Race-Bent Characters

There has been controversy over a black Spider-Man for several years now, dating back to when people wanted Donald Glover to be the new Spider-Man

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Her story

Her Story: A Feminist Review

Her Story is a 6-episode new-media series that premiered online in 2016. Set in Los Angeles, the show explores the dating lives of trans and

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When We Make Mistakes: Practicing Kindness in Feminism

On Saturday my community celebrated “Beltanox” — a creatively combined ritual honoring Beltane (more commonly known as the upcoming “May Day”) and the already-passed Spring

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Holding Out for a Hero: A Feminist Take on “Supergirl”

I’ve never really caught on to the superhero craze. Men flying around in lycra outfits with capes have never really done much for me, though

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The Combahee River Collective & An Intro to Black Feminism

I first learned about the Combahee River Collective Statement during my first  year of college, in a Black Feminist Thought class at Brandeis. Reading the statement

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Suffragette: Between Reality and Fiction

More mainstream movies have been tackling social causes the last few years, and Suffragette is no different. The film was released in October 2015 and

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Women of Marvel: Creating a Space for Women in the Comic World

Whether you’re a Marvel enthusiast or even a comic book supporter or not, you should be a fan of the Women of Marvel (WOM) podcast.

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