sexual pleasure

How I Discovered Sexual Pleasure After Rape

Disclaimer: This article contains discussion of rape and sexual assault and a relatively graphic discussion of trauma symptoms post-assault. Several weeks ago, I remarked to

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Generation 1.5: The Struggle of Living Between Two Cultures

Feeling American and being American can mean two very different things, especially when you were born in another country and came to the U.S. at

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Victory for Abortion Access in SCOTUS Ruling

On Monday, June 27th, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-3 to overturn the ruling made by the United States Court of Appeals

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Abortion Care at Campus Health Clinics?

On March 16th, 2016, student senators at the University of California Berkeley unanimously passed a resolution requesting that the school provide medication abortion at the

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Gender and Sexuality in Film: Have We Really “Come a Long Way”?

Recent campaigns for Frozen’s Elsa to have a girlfriend, the interest in Captain America having a boyfriend, and the excitement over potential queer couples in

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jo cox

Jo Cox: The Dangers of Being a Woman in Politics

Until recently, there were many that were not aware of who Jo Cox was. It was the result of a brutal attack that meant that

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Preferred Name

5 Problems With the Term “Preferred Name” in Relation to the Transgender Community

The first article I wrote for The Radical Notion in July of 2015 outlined five reasons why institutions of higher education should develop and implement

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Cosmetic Surgery

Why People Don’t Deserve Criticism for Cosmetic Surgery (Usually)

It’s widely recognized that our society is ridden with unrealistic beauty standards for women, girls, boys, men — everybody, actually. In fact, it is so

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Disney Channel

Little Feminists: My Sister & The Feminism of The Disney Channel

At nine years old, the biggest issue that rolled around in my head pertained to why Charmander was the coolest starter Pokemon. On the playground,

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Justin Trudeau

The Justin Trudeau Incident: Politicians using Feminism as an Excuse

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is famous for his liberal politics, ecological activism, good looks and self-identification as a feminist (hence the gender-balanced cabinet). However,

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cultural competency

Cultural Competency and Gynecology

As a premedical student, I have learned what I can expect from residency and medical school. I have done a great deal of shadowing and

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“Yeah, Me Too”: Derailing Conversations About Oppression

Although there are statistics stating that workplace harassment claims reported by men have tripled in the past three years, ranging between 10-20% (which I associate

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A New Movie Trend: Men Remind Women to be Feminists

There are spoilers in here for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, The Intern, and Me Before You.   Just when you think you can relax because

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What Pro-Life Advocates Mean When They Talk about Babies

In the wake of the outrage over a gorilla being shot by zoo keepers, The Blaze published a provocative pro-life opinion piece titled, “While You Were

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Tegan and Sara

LY2D and Tegan and Sara’s Queer Pop Politics

“When did I become that girl?/That girl I see.”  That Girl is the opening track of Tegan and Sara’s newest album, Love You to Death,

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blue lives

The Authority and Accountability of Blue Lives

On May 23 it was announced the Louisiana is passing a “Blues Lives Matter” bill that will classify assaulting a police officer as a hate

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karen page

Daredevil’s Karen Page: An Empowered Woman in a Hypermasculine World

Article contains spoilers To be a superhero is often to be not just “manly” but hypermasculine, an exaggerated manhood that values thoughts and behaviors of

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The Unfair and Lovely Campaign Challenges Colourism

Colourism is not just about racism, it’s complicated and insidious as it lies within the perception a race may have about itself. There is a

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Edmund White

Edmund White’s Our Young Man: A Lesson in Gay Male History

Edmund White is often considered the foremost writer of the white gay male subcultural experience. His career parallels the rise of the modern Gay Rights

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Reproductive Health in the Time of Zika

It might just be due to some complicated algorithm, but it seems like every day I see a new story about the Zika virus outbreak

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