Mother's day

4 Thoughts on the Movie Mother’s Day

Recently on a flight home, I found myself watching the movie Mother’s Day and jotting down a bunch of notes notes, preparing to write another

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Rape in the Book World: It’s Not Entertainment

Spoilers for Those Girls by Chevy Stevens and I Let You Go by Clare MacKintosh. We all know that rape has been a popular plot

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religious freedom

Religious Freedom for the Religious Left

On August 4th, a judge threw out a lawsuit filed by the Satanic Temple seeking religious exemption from Missouri’s 72-hour abortion waiting period. The Satanic

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Film Review: What “Freeheld” Can Learn from “Tallulah”

Pocket-sized soft butch style icon Ellen Page can do more than just make your straight friends look twice. Even though as recently as twenty years

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An Honest Look into “Queerbaiting”

“Queerbaiting” has drawn a lot of attention from the LGBTQ+ community, drawing passion from all sides of the conversation. If the term did not immediately make

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Children as Self-Socialising Gender Detectives

Whenever I have to buy a birthday present for a child, I spend hours traipsing through toy shops, trying to find not only a gender neutral

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A Letter to Myself in the Wake of Divorce

I wrote this letter roughly a year after divorcing my son’s father.  I was living in a tiny apartment with my small son. It was away

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Why My Interracial Relationship is Not Your Political Agenda

I have been in a relationship with my English, Caucasian Significant Other coming up to five and half years now. Race, skin colour and ethnicity don’t really

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Does “Love Make the World Go Round”?: Thoughts On Orlando & Beyond

I am standing in line at the popular clothing store H&M waiting to purchase some items for an upcoming trip. In front of the registers,

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4th man out

4th Man Out: A Different Kind of Queer Movie

Earlier this summer, I browsed the new movie list on Netflix, looking for something interesting. I stumbled upon the title card for 4th Man Out. Intrigued

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Is Body Shaming Still a Women’s Issue If Men Can Experience It?

There was a fascinating discussion on my Facebook wall that reached over three hundred and seventy comments before eventually splintering off into various personal messages.

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Feminists: Publicize or Privatize your Sexuality?

“Why do you dress the way you dress?” Trevor Noah verbalized the elephant in the room in an interview with Dalia Mogahed in January. He

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A Feminist Take on Pokémon GO

Odds are you are aware of Pokémon GO, the immensely popular augmented reality game wherein players venture into their neighborhoods to capture virtual monsters. For

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dan savage

6 Times Dan Savage’s Activism Slayed

I’ve been a passionate Dan Savage fan for over a year now, but it wasn’t until I made the pitch for this article that I

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Bad Moms Was Just as Bad as I Thought it Would Be

I really enjoy being right (just like everyone else does) but I wanted to be wrong about Bad Moms. If you’re a regular reader, you

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the innocents

Film Review: The Innocents Reinvents the War Genre

Here are some phrases you’ve probably never read in the same sentence: “female friendships,” “reproductive rights,” “Polish convent,” and “war film.” Well, brace yourself, because

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Fatal Mistakes: The Adultification of Children of Color

I make mistakes. Most of them are inconsequential, like the time I left a tupperware lid in the oven, and then remembered I had left

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What Does Cursed Child Do for the Feminism of The Potterverse?

Before I leap into my feminist evaluation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, allow me to prove my Potterhead status to you. Exhibit A:

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A Gentle Feminist Critique of Game of Thrones

Guess who’s drunk the kool-aid and watched Game of Thrones! Well, more like, guess who’s been sipping on the kool-aid, because otherwise I wouldn’t be

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