When You Can’t Call Out Trump Supporters

White people, it is your duty to call out racism. Men, it’s your job to shout back to misogyny. Cis people, it’s your job to

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Environmental Policy and Trump: What’s at Risk

Since Election Day, the internet has been exploding with possibilities of what could or is likely to occur during a Trump presidency. The delusions of

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Hillary Clinton

Conversations We Didn’t Have About Hillary Clinton

Since November 8th, there have been countless perspectives of how Hillary Clinton lost the election. While discussing America’s future and the outcome of the election,

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break up

Taking Care of Yourself After a Break Up

My biggest fear came true the other day. My relationship of 12 years came to end. Why? Well I am sure he will give you

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Books to Help You Through Your Post Election Pain

One of the things that has helped me a lot these past few weeks is getting out of my head and reading. I’m going to

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The Value of Protest

From Indigenous peoples’ rebellion against settler colonialism, to the Civil Rights Movement, to decades of feminist organizing, to AIDS activism, to Occupy Wall Street, to

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What Women Have to be Thankful for in 2016

In two months, Donald Trump will be sworn in the president of the United States, and America will have to come to terms with what

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Marine Le Pen

Trump’s Victory and the Upcoming French Presidential Elections

Here is one thing we can all agree on: Donald Trump’s victory as President-elect will go down as a crucial moment in not only America,

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How to Survive: Community Organizing in Times of Oppression

Last week, I had lunch with a former professor. I assumed she would instill me with hope after the election, tell me inspiring stories about

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Trump’s Sexual Misconduct isn’t Unusual in Politics

The outcome of the 2016 presidential race surprised some. For others, especially the white Americans without college degrees who voted to replace the Democratic establishment,

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black identity

What’s In A Name: A Discussion On Black Identity

When I was younger, I hated being called “black”. (That had to do with my internalized anti-blackness.) But, I hated being called “African-American” more because

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The girl on the train

The Girl on the Train: Feminist Trends

The Girl on the Train received a lot of attention when it was published back in 2015; it rose fairly quickly on the bestsellers list,

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An Indigenous Guide to Handling the News of President-Elect Trump

The man who has just won the title of President-Elect, Donald Trump, has a long history of not only making degrading remarks to marginalized peoples

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Environmental racism

Environmental Racism: Standing Rock and Beyond

There is a lot of new terminology being coined in this generation that allows us to discuss issues that have historically been difficult to concretely grasp. Some

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Not my president

Not My President: Unity in Los Angeles

Last night, I attended a rally at Los Angeles City Hall in protest of President elect Donald Drumpf. Doesn’t that just sound like something out

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Catholic hospitals

Catholic Hospitals: An Unspoken Threat to Reproductive Healthcare

Legislative restrictions to family planning services aren’t the only threat to reproductive healthcare in America today. One area of increasing concern, as highlighted in a

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Feminists in Foxholes: What it’s Like Being a Woman in the Military

The first time I was formally introduced to feminism, I was probably around 18 years old and newly enlisted in the Marine Corps. Back in

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Trump Won: It’s Time to Prepare for the Battle Ahead

Let’s take a minute to be completely and utterly horrified that bigots were able to band together and get this asshole elected. I know, it’s

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Donald Trump

What Your Vote For Donald Trump Really Means

Dear America, What are you telling the world if Trump is elected President on Tuesday? You are saying that: a bully deserves to be respected

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Don’t Get Complacent! Nasty Women Vote!

At a recent rally for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Donald Trump in the most glorious, mic-dropping way possible:

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