4 Feminist Resolutions for the New Year

As 2016 rolls to an end, it’s not exactly a secret that there have been some hardships for the feminist collective this year. Between the

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7 Badass Women Who Saved 2016

If there is anything that we as a global society can agree on, it’s that 2016 hasn’t been the most spectacular year. With the extensive

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Our Homeless Population Needs Housing Not Bullying

A video went viral on December 20th of city employees filmed throwing away all the worldly possessions of a person (or family) living in a tent

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Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher and Why Representation Matters

When I was small I got a tan jumpsuit hand-me-down with some oil stains on it to wear when helping my dad fix the car.

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How 2017 Could Erase Women

The election of Donald Trump, the genocide in Aleppo, and the current global policies that threaten billions of people have each claimed their respective slices

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What The Doulas Can Teach All of Us

The week after the election I realized I was afraid to go to the abortion clinic for my doula shift the following weekend. There were

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arab woman

Quieting the Toxic Arab Woman in My Head

The idea of love, of marriage, of companionship- I’ve been struggling with it for some time now. It sounds nice in theory to be with

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Why We Shouldn’t Judge Low Income People for Their Food Choices

When I think back about my diet as a child, it’s hard not to be judgmental of my mother. I was eating mostly canned food and

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out of silence

Out of Silence and Into the Abortion Conversation

For the past few weeks, student groups at campuses across the country have been hosting productions of the play Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from

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feminist comics

5 Feminist Comics That Should Be On Your Holiday Gift List

The comics industry has long been known for its problematic presentation—or lack of—female characters. Women are often scantily clad, in situations of distress, or just

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holby city

Holby City, Berena, and Lesbians of a Certain Age

When asking for visibility of queer women on television, viewers have been expected to accept whatever has been tossed our way, whether it be in

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Things White People Need to Stop Being Shocked About

Note: This article was written prior to recent news reports regarding the level of interference by Russia in the election. Even with Russian interference, the

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Things My Grandmother Told Me & Other Horror Stories

So I’ve just started reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. I know, I know. I can hear the collective exclamations of disbelief now. I’ve had the

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the handmaiden

A Feminist Film Review: The Handmaiden

If you’ve ever watched a lesbian film and thought, “Hey, I wish this wasn’t unbearably depressing,” or, “Hmm, pretty good, but it needs more crime

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A Guide to Holiday Shopping for Progressives

As I sat down to consider the upcoming holidays I found myself completely overwhelmed by what felt like a task of getting into the spirit.

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If A Rape Occurs Alone In The Woods

There are people who get away with rape. Even when it’s reported. Even when victims cooperate. Even when we spill our guts to investigators and

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Is Mike Pence Scarier Than Donald Trump?

There’s an ominous cloud looming over the country and the world right now. Every article in your feed and conversation on television revolves around it,

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Are Fathers Protecting or Policing Their Daughters?

You’ve probably all seen those really ‘funny’ memes about fatherhood. The ones that read ‘Rules for Dating my Daughter’ and then list a set of

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bitch slap

The Inherent Sexism in the Term ‘Bitch Slap’

The term ‘bitch slap’ has become a big part of our popular lexicon. Bitch slaps are to punches what alcopops are to spirits; softer, marketed

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