mental health services

Finding Mental Health Services When Your Government Doesn’t Care About You

Welcome to the new Age of Oppression, folks, one where a petty, ignorant Cheeto has the power to wipe out our access to social services

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The Christian Cause of Refugee Deaths

“Today Trump said he signed this action to keep out terrorists and to keep our country and our military safe. He has chosen to do

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Holy Sh*t, That Was One Horrible First Week with Trump

Trump started the first week of the disaster that is his presidency by getting into a pissing match with the media about the size of

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Women's march

Peaceful Protests Brought By Privilege: The Women’s Marches

I think it’s safe to say that few people anticipated the scope of the Women’s Marches around the world until it happened. As a feminist

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male professional

Losing Faith in the Male Professional: A Horror Story

A recent study suggested that female doctors make better doctors than male doctors, and it reminded me of an experience I had in college when

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Common Ground: How “Pro-Life” People Can Advocate For Reproductive Rights

“Pro-life” feminists have been in the news a lot lately, primarily due to conflicts about whether or not they should have been allowed to participate

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Laura Jane Grace

“Tranny” by Laura Jane Grace: A Riff On Punk Rock, Anarchy, and Gender

If I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman. My mother once told me she would have named me Laura. I would

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The Forgotten People: Gender Violence and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

You may not be aware of the Rohingya; but there has been an under reported, ongoing refugee crisis happening for over four decades. The UN

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Opposing Trump is the Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do

My Puerto Rican ancestors lived in a country colonized by the United States. Puerto Rico has struggled with it’s relationship with the United States since

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It’s Time to Destroy the Religiosity Scale

A few days ago and for the first time in the eleven years that I have been wearing hijab, I went out without it. I

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Jane E. Hodgson

Desperate for Hope in the Trump Era: Dr. Jane E. Hodgson

Today it seems there are nearly constant threats to our reproductive freedoms. Will Planned Parenthood be defunded? Will the birth control mandate survive into next

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national geographic

The Importance of National Geographic’s ‘Gender Revolution’

The January special issue of National Geographic is wholly dedicated to gender—titled “Gender Revolution.” This issue has spurned a variety of responses from the internet,

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Masters of Sex: The Feminist Show Nobody Watched

I was really late coming to Masters of Sex. I only watched the show recently but when I finally got around to it, I was

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Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson: Space Pioneer behind Hidden Figures

Last week the movie Hidden Figures premiered in theatres across the United States, surpassing Rouge One: A Star Wars Story to become the highest grossing

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manchester by the sea

“Manchester by the Sea” is a Portrait of Male Grief

* Moderate spoilers ahead * Casey Affleck put it best when he said on Saturday Night Live that his new movie is great, but “just

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12 Years of Gaslighting: A Break Up Story

When my 12-year relationship ended, I was devastated, but when I found out after that he had cheated on me, the pain was unbearable. The

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sexual desire

The Paradox of Sexual Desire

Some time ago I was sitting in a cafe alone, enjoying a coffee. I was watching a boy and a girl of about 10 and

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universal year one

A Universal Year One: Re-Centering Our Selves and Our Feminism in 2017

To put it mildly, 2016 has been the equivalent of a fire hydrant on fire. We have lost three of the most influential male musicians

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Dear White People: We Need to Stop Glorifying Revolution

My first understanding of revolution that wasn’t out of a textbook was reading The Hunger Games. My 16-year-old brain was filled with the glories of

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Gilmore Girls

Why I was Disappointed with the Gilmore Girls Revival

Growing up, I always looked forward to watching Gilmore Girls. The TV show took place in a small town and told the life of a

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