The Diversity in Superstore and One Day at a Time

I love drama. Give me deep, mind warping intricate storytelling that stirs every feeling in the human catalog of emotions and I’m all over it.

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What the Dead Can Teach Us About Today’s Politics

Following the tragic sinking of the Titanic, crews of search and rescue folks went to the scene and attempted to collect the bodies of the

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Bathroom Bills

What is the Real Purpose of Bathroom Bills?

Gavin Grimm is a seventeen-year-old transgender student from Gloucester County, Virginia. For several months in 2014, he used the boy’s bathroom at school with no

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Emma Watson

What Do Emma Watson’s Breasts Have to Do With Her Feminism?

With Beauty and the Beast now in theaters, Emma Watson has been in the news a lot lately; however, it’s not just because of her upcoming

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Should We Tolerate Being Underpaid and Underappreciated?

In the summer before graduate school, I moved to Northern Virginia and landed an internship with a major pro-choice organization. I could not have been

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toxic masculinity

The ‘Comments Section,’ Toxic Masculinity, and Domestic Violence

Though many people familiar with social media would advise against it, I always read the comments, as I’m sure most people on social media do.

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The Dark Side of Reddit: Misogyny, Racism, and Hate

Recently, this post graced the front page of Reddit with the title “Why work when you can try riding the pussypass everyday?” It features this screenshot of

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women's centers

Women’s Centers: What They Do and How You Can Help Preserve Them

Campus women’s centers*, once a hallmark of institutional support for women on campus, are at risk. Some have already been disbanded and with budget cuts

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grammy awards

The 2017 Grammy Awards Had an Inclusivity Problem

At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow spoke about music and its ability to unite, especially in these times. We are constantly

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A Story in Memes: The Danger of Positive Stereotypes

There’s no such thing as positive stereotypes. All stereotypes are harmful. I could even make the point that so-called “positive” stereotypes are more harmful than

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Womanhood Isn’t Just About Our “Cis”ters

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author whose body of work is both celebrated and profound. As a black woman, Adichie knows what it is to

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Remember that You are Not Difficult to Love

Hey bae reading this. I’m the validation angel here to remind you that you are whole, amazing and worthy of love. If you’ve ever had

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body hair

Complicating Body Hair: Consent, Gender Violence and Feminism

I am thirteen years old and hiding in my grandmother’s bathroom with my cousin. With one of my grandfather’s bic razors in one hand and

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Saturday night live

Saturday Night Live’s ‘Girl at a Bar’ is Our 2017 Nightmare

Saturday Night Live has really been on an upswing lately. Between the fact that they’ve finally started hiring diverse performers, they’ve also picked a side

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Dispatches From Progressive Spaces: On Liberalism and Dangerous Men

When Casey Affleck was handed an Oscar, I felt a familiar sense of dread — dread that a space that, on its face, claims to

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Wentworth: Australia’s Take on Women in Prison

Chances are, if you are a living, breathing person you’ve watched — or at least heard of — Orange is the New Black, America’s hit

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The Realities of Being a Secular Muslim in the Modern World

Religion and spirituality are incredibly personal, human endeavors; a way to make sense of our surroundings, of our communities and the global tragedies that occur.

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Incarcerated Women in the U.S.: An Overlooked Minority

The United States’ obsession with incarceration has become what can only be described as an epidemic. The U.S. makes up only about 5% of the

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