6 Feminist Vloggers You Should be Watching

As a teenager, coming to terms with my gayness and my identity in the early 00’s, most, if not all, my sex-education came from the

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The Handmaid's tale

A Feminist Review of The Handmaid’s Tale

Two women, best friends, sit in the kitchen discussing some recent government-inflicted changes. One woman’s husband is there, discussing this with them as well. Things

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Concentration Camps

Russian Concentration Camps: Updates and What You Can Do to Help

In Early April, though public reports have dated their existence as far back as February, it was reported that a number of concentration camps had

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The Diversity in Superstore and One Day at a Time

I love drama. Give me deep, mind warping intricate storytelling that stirs every feeling in the human catalog of emotions and I’m all over it.

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taraji p. henson

The Feminism of Taraji P. Henson’s Memoir

*Moderate spoilers ahead* So, Taraji P. Henson has written a memoir. I knew I wanted to review this book instantly, but I had no idea

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Things My Grandmother Told Me & Other Horror Stories

So I’ve just started reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. I know, I know. I can hear the collective exclamations of disbelief now. I’ve had the

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Not my president

Not My President: Unity in Los Angeles

Last night, I attended a rally at Los Angeles City Hall in protest of President elect Donald Drumpf. Doesn’t that just sound like something out

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Mad Men Complex: 4 Types of Modern Chauvinists

I have worked, on and off, in corporate office environments for years now. Over time I have come to realize that male chauvinism has gone

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A Gentle Feminist Critique of Game of Thrones

Guess who’s drunk the kool-aid and watched Game of Thrones! Well, more like, guess who’s been sipping on the kool-aid, because otherwise I wouldn’t be

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Generation 1.5: The Struggle of Living Between Two Cultures

Feeling American and being American can mean two very different things, especially when you were born in another country and came to the U.S. at

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Shin Takagi & Trottla: The Company Making Sex Dolls for Pedophiles

A man named Shin Takagi is the proud owner and founder of a Japanese company called Trottla. This company caters to a specific clientele; pedophiles.

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broad city

10 Feminist Reasons to Watch Broad City

We need to talk about Broad City. Broad City is a show on Comedy Central, created and written by its stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana

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Rape & Revenge Film: You Are Not Empowering Anyone

I watched a film recently in which a woman is raped by a man she mistakes for a blind date, only to be discovered later

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Vintage Lesbians: A Review of the Movie “Carol”

Todd Haynes has adapted Patricia Highsmith’s groundbreaking love story into a film, and it is glorious. Leave it to a gay man to make the

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Latinos: The Ones You Didn’t Cast in Your Movie

When I was thirteen years old, I watched Zorro and fell madly in love with Elena Montero. Beautiful, dark haired, brown eyed Elena Montero with

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Hannibal the Cannibal: A Love Feast

A good horror show is hard to come by, let alone one that is intelligently written, as well as stunning both in aesthetic and story.

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6 Roles that Make Glenn Close a Feminist Icon

It’s difficult to find a Glenn Close performance I don’t like, and it’s even more difficult to find one in which she did not play

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Male Feminists and The Other Guys

I had a conversation with my brother a few weeks ago. It really came out of pure curiosity when I asked him if he considered

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Lesbian Literature & Film: They’re Lesbianin’ Together

I love classic lesbian literature. It makes me feel like I’m learning about my roots or something. I love digging for it. I go to

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Mindy Kaling: Not That Kind of Feminist

If you have not been living under a rock during the past decade or so, you should be familiar with Mindy Kaling, if not familiar,

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