Sexist Hiring Practices: The Path of Least Resistance

I work in one of the many warehouses around the country (and the world, honestly) of a corporation that is so pervasive in our culture that

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Silly White Lady Nonsense: Critical Thoughts on Some Self-Help ‘Advice’

I was given the book You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero as a

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women's studies

Five Reasons Your Women’s Studies Degree (or the Like) is Worth It

“So what kind of job can you get with that…?” “What does that even mean…?” “What can you even do with that…?” These are the

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universal year one

A Universal Year One: Re-Centering Our Selves and Our Feminism in 2017

To put it mildly, 2016 has been the equivalent of a fire hydrant on fire. We have lost three of the most influential male musicians

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The Halloween Witch: Demonizing Caricature or Realistic Representation?

I have a very complicated relationship with the image of the witch that we commonly see this time of year. Or, really, any time of

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How Much Education Do You Need to Have a Valid Opinion?

The other night I started the second class for the graduate program I impulsively decided to join in July. Though I am grateful and privileged

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“Yeah, Me Too”: Derailing Conversations About Oppression

Although there are statistics stating that workplace harassment claims reported by men have tripled in the past three years, ranging between 10-20% (which I associate

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Consciousness Raising and the Art of Talking to Each Other

Last week I got together with a few girlfriends I went to college with, all of us Women’s Studies majors. We’ve all been in and

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When We Make Mistakes: Practicing Kindness in Feminism

On Saturday my community celebrated “Beltanox” — a creatively combined ritual honoring Beltane (more commonly known as the upcoming “May Day”) and the already-passed Spring

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Just Two Gals: Choosing to Live with Women

On Valentine’s Day, a friend who I had only spent twelve days with in my entire life asked me to move in with her. That

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I’m A Feminist on Tinder and It’s Not So Bad

Being a young ‘adult’ single chick is weird. Especially when you’ve been in a relationship for four years and haven’t needed to learn any of

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One Woman’s Experience with the IUD

Two weeks ago I got the Mirena hormonal IUD. After a consultation with my gynecologist before the insertion, she asked me one last time if

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Looking for that Dress: Cisgender Privilege and French Locker Rooms

I am currently in France with a friend for a few months with little to nothing on my agenda besides eating lunch for 4 hours,

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A Feminist Review of the Movie “Grandma”

Going to movies by myself is one of my most favorite activities. If you’re late you only have yourself to blame. You can bring whatever

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Hailee Steinfeld Loves Herself and I Love Her Song About Masturbation

Why “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld only has 6,741,998 views on YouTube is beyond me (especially when this garbage has almost 200 million views). The

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On Apologizing: Why We Might Want to Stop

Dear People Who Do Not Identify as Men and/or Males, Stop apologizing for getting shit done. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (and most likely some

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Women and Friendship: Branching Out in the Name of Feminism

I’ve been thinking about friends a lot lately. Maybe it’s because I’m at a point in my life right now where my friends are spread

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A Feminist’s Guide to Watching Old(er) Movies

*Trigger Warning* This article contains graphic language, images, and video of racism, sexism, abuse, consent, and body image. All are used in reference to film

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Pronouns Are Important: Why Gender Neutrality Matters

Last week I spent six days at a winter retreat in the great woods of Wisconsin with 79 other people interested in connecting with the

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“She’s Just a Little ‘Too Comfortable'”: An Interpretation of a Man’s Perception

The other day I was talking to a [cis] man about his recent purchase of a gym membership and his intentions to “get bigger” (cue

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