Clinging to the Eternal Feminine

Femininity is in danger. Apparently, women are ‘losing their way.’ They are becoming less like women and more like, well I don’t know really, but

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Why I Won’t Just ‘Give Him a Chance’ Anymore

‘Look at him, he’s so keen on you. Give the poor bastard a chance.’ This was the persuasive argument of a male friend of mine

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The Monster Myth in Rape and Domestic Violence

Discussions of sexual and domestic violence often tend towards a focus on the individual perpetrator and their reprehensible character. They generally paint a picture of

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toxic masculinity

The ‘Comments Section,’ Toxic Masculinity, and Domestic Violence

Though many people familiar with social media would advise against it, I always read the comments, as I’m sure most people on social media do.

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Hook-up Culture: What is Happening to Our Sexual Language?

I don’t do internet dating anymore, and I had an experience recently that reminded me why. I’d met a guy in the city, he seemed

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Family Structures: Breaking the Traditional Mold

A few years ago, I was at the doctor with my 4-year-old son, who had a stomach bug. The GP was commenting on what a

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sexual desire

The Paradox of Sexual Desire

Some time ago I was sitting in a cafe alone, enjoying a coffee. I was watching a boy and a girl of about 10 and

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Are Fathers Protecting or Policing Their Daughters?

You’ve probably all seen those really ‘funny’ memes about fatherhood. The ones that read ‘Rules for Dating my Daughter’ and then list a set of

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Picking Fights Like a Girl: Why No Feminist Issue is Too Small

I was sitting in McDonald’s the other week working on an article. I had my laptop, my notes, a coffee and a feminist book on

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The Tom-boy and The Sissy-girl

I have often heard parents talk, with an unmistakable tinge of pride, about their daughter’s ‘tom-boy phase.’ That period where she is interested in typically

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Children as Self-Socialising Gender Detectives

Whenever I have to buy a birthday present for a child, I spend hours traipsing through toy shops, trying to find not only a gender neutral

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The Female Mind Under Threat

Why are men better at Tetris? Or ‘mental rotation’ if you want to sound more scientific and link male superiority to important things, like science

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Internet Dating Made Me A ‘Bitch’

Internet dating was a test of my ability to withstand sexual harassment. What was interesting about this was not the harassment itself, which was often

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pubic hair

Pubic Hair and the Politics of Choice

The issue of female pubic hair has found its way into public debate recently, and there have been many articles discussing the choice that so many women

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dress for success

Dress For Success: Helping Women Achieve Financial Independence

I couldn’t decide what to wear. I had an interview in an hour and I was still staring helplessly in the mirror at myself in

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Motherhood & The Glorification of Sacrifice

It was the day before my son was due to start prep. I was sitting outside the miniature playground in the mall thinking this is

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hard to get

‘Chasing Girls’ and the Boundaries of Consent

I saw a meme the other day that read: ‘A girl should be like a butterfly. Pretty to see, hard to catch.’ There are many things

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Slut Shaming and the Language of Misogyny

I learned a new word the other day. Being a student of literature, I love to learn new words, but this particular one, not so

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