Are You Tired of People Asking You if You’re Tired?

Doctor: “Don’t challenge me, Harriet Jones, because I’m a completely new man. I could bring down your government with a single word… not a single

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Womanhood Isn’t Just About Our “Cis”ters

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author whose body of work is both celebrated and profound. As a black woman, Adichie knows what it is to

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Trans Woman

The Hellish System: Trans Woman Vs. The Powers That Be

I was stuck on the freeway behind a sea of red tail lights as workers hurried to remove an accident from the road. As I waited, Linda* sat

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The Christian Cause of Refugee Deaths

“Today Trump said he signed this action to keep out terrorists and to keep our country and our military safe. He has chosen to do

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Our Homeless Population Needs Housing Not Bullying

A video went viral on December 20th of city employees filmed throwing away all the worldly possessions of a person (or family) living in a tent

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Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher and Why Representation Matters

When I was small I got a tan jumpsuit hand-me-down with some oil stains on it to wear when helping my dad fix the car.

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Women beyond belief

Women Beyond Belief – A Book Review

In 2014, Hobby Lobby fought to exclude certain types of birth control coverage for women based on a religious belief that women shouldn’t have it.

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Quit Making Me Prove I’m His Mom. It’s Illegal.

I smelled like vomit, but couldn’t stop to change as I ran down the street pushing a small wheelchair with my tinier-than-typical kindergartner strapped to

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Exposing Accelerated Christian Education: An Interview with Jonny Scaramanga

A Reddit user, Trinaaz, recently posted an image from his niece’s school textbook. It says marriage should be a heterosexual union between a leader of the

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Is Body Shaming Still a Women’s Issue If Men Can Experience It?

There was a fascinating discussion on my Facebook wall that reached over three hundred and seventy comments before eventually splintering off into various personal messages.

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Shedding My Married Name But Not My Marriage: A Personal Story

“When women see our names as temporary or not really ours […] that impacts our perception of ourselves and our role in the world. It

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What Pro-Life Advocates Mean When They Talk about Babies

In the wake of the outrage over a gorilla being shot by zoo keepers, The Blaze published a provocative pro-life opinion piece titled, “While You Were

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Trump Mocked a Person For Having My Kid’s Disability

For months I have avoided writing on the incident where Trump mocked a disabled reporter, not wanting to give any more attention to a campaign

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Gender Confusion, My Kid, and Cultural Stereotypes

In my grandma’s bedroom there used to be an old black and white photo of a baby in a white dress. The subject of the

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The Battle Over Lexi

“As the foster parent, you can make or break reunification.” That’s what I was told during my foster parent classes. Since the birth parent is

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Misogyny at the Cardiologist’s Office

Now I’m no medical expert, but I know the heart is on the short list of organs I need to live. I mean, the body

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Examining Adoption in Children’s Shows

“Leia, do you remember your mother? Your real mother?” — Luke Skywalker, Return of the Jedi When I was a child, adoption in the shows I

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Hillary Clinton

What Feminists Owe Hillary Clinton

There’s been a bit of talk lately about what exactly feminists owe Hillary Clinton. Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem recently came under fire for remarks implying

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Christian Privilege: Personal Edition

I came out as an atheist on Openly Secular Day last April. It’s been nice to finally be honest about who I am and what I think, but it

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Christian Privilege: Christmas Edition

The other day my daughter wanted her Christmas drawing put up on the wall with her other works of art. My son also held up

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