Thirteen Reasons why

13 Reasons Why: Problematic Text to Promising Adaptation

Major Spoilers Ahead! The latest book-to-television adaptation in the young adult world is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher—a book that has been highly acclaimed

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Emma Watson

What Do Emma Watson’s Breasts Have to Do With Her Feminism?

With Beauty and the Beast now in theaters, Emma Watson has been in the news a lot lately; however, it’s not just because of her upcoming

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‘1984’ and Trump: An Orwellian Affair

There are a lot of reasons to be afraid of the new president; just look at the things he’s done in his first week: announced

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national geographic

The Importance of National Geographic’s ‘Gender Revolution’

The January special issue of National Geographic is wholly dedicated to gender—titled “Gender Revolution.” This issue has spurned a variety of responses from the internet,

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feminist comics

5 Feminist Comics That Should Be On Your Holiday Gift List

The comics industry has long been known for its problematic presentation—or lack of—female characters. Women are often scantily clad, in situations of distress, or just

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The girl on the train

The Girl on the Train: Feminist Trends

The Girl on the Train received a lot of attention when it was published back in 2015; it rose fairly quickly on the bestsellers list,

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Luke Cage

‘Luke Cage’: Marvel’s Most Important Feminist Show

Contains minor spoilers for the show Luke Cage As avid Marvel fan, I eagerly awaited the release of Luke Cage. It’s a show about a black, bulletproof

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