radical hope

A Beacon of Radical Hope in the Trump Era

This has been a tough year politically and emotionally. I have been absolutely drained of any optimism that a Trump presidency would be anything other

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doctor who

Lucky Thirteen: Doctor Who Introduces a Female Doctor

On Saturday, the BBC announced that, for the first time in Doctor Who’s 50+ years, it would be introducing a female Doctor. Let me say

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The L Word

What We Deserve in an L Word Reboot

I have a special relationship with The L Word. Back in undergrad, I was kind of a big deal amongst the campus queers because I

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Pride Month

Why Pride Month Matters — Especially in the Trump Era

It’s June, which means that LGBT Pride Month is in full swing. Pride parades, marches, and rallies are being organized all over the country (and

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Stevie Nicks

What Stevie Nicks Has Taught Me

We are huge Stevie Nicks fans in our household. We’ve been to a few (okay, seven…) shows during her recent 24 Karat Gold tour. My

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gillian anderson

Is “We” Really a Manifesto for Everyone?

“We: a Manifesto for Women Everywhere” is a fusion of feminism and self-help co-written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel. When I first learned about

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Wentworth: Australia’s Take on Women in Prison

Chances are, if you are a living, breathing person you’ve watched — or at least heard of — Orange is the New Black, America’s hit

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vibe bar

Vibe Bar Wild One: Tokyo’s Vibrator Bar

If you’ve never been to Tokyo, you should know that the city is a hybrid of traditional Japanese culture and modern technological advancement. Looking in

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American Heroes in the Fight Against Trump

It’s been a little over a week since Trump’s inauguration, and the dawning of each morning brings with it the agonizing worry of what fresh

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holby city

Holby City, Berena, and Lesbians of a Certain Age

When asking for visibility of queer women on television, viewers have been expected to accept whatever has been tossed our way, whether it be in

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Don’t Get Complacent! Nasty Women Vote!

At a recent rally for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Donald Trump in the most glorious, mic-dropping way possible:

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A Woman in the White House: When Reality Meets Fiction

For many of us, the notion of a woman in the role of the commander-in-chief of the United States was one relegated to fiction —

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Star Trek

50 Years of Star Trek and Feminism

Star Trek: The Original Series debuted on television on September 8th, 1966 and is now about to chart a course for uncharted territory: its 50th

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Susan Sarandon

Why Susan Sarandon is My Feminist Hero of 2016

When I daydream about Susan Sarandon, which is often, I like to imagine her in a superhero costume with a giant “F” blazoned across her

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coloring books

11 Feminist Coloring Books

If you’ve wondered how you might combine your love of feminism and your love of coloring, I’ve got the list for you. I’ve scoured the

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Holding Out for a Hero: A Feminist Take on “Supergirl”

I’ve never really caught on to the superhero craze. Men flying around in lycra outfits with capes have never really done much for me, though

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3 Ways to Confront Shaming Your Own Body

It’s time for me to confront the fact that I’m a complete and total hypocrite when it comes to body shaming. I don’t judge other

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The Feminism of The X Files

I’ve been a fan of The X Files for as long as I can remember. As a small girl, I’d huddle on the couch with

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7 Feminist Mantras for the New Year

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible at keeping my New Year’s resolutions. I make a really good effort for a few weeks

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queer clubs

Keeping Queer Clubs Queer

About a month ago, I was reading my area’s local paper, The Valley Advocate, when an article about a local queer club caught my eye.

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