Is “Breast is Best” a Harmful Message for New Parents?

If you are not a parent, you can’t begin to guess how often people “share” their opinions with you (read: talk to you about things

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mandated reporting

Is Mandated Reporting Helping the People it was Designed to Protect?

The term “mandated reporting” can be applied to a variety of instances and professional roles. As a clinical social worker, I am bound by the

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Should We Tolerate Being Underpaid and Underappreciated?

In the summer before graduate school, I moved to Northern Virginia and landed an internship with a major pro-choice organization. I could not have been

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global gag rule

The Trumped Up Global Gag Rule

The Mexico City Policy, known more commonly as the global gag rule, was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. As the president changed, it

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A Guide to Holiday Shopping for Progressives

As I sat down to consider the upcoming holidays I found myself completely overwhelmed by what felt like a task of getting into the spirit.

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Self-Care During Election Season

I don’t know about you, but I am having visceral reactions to seeing Trump’s name over and over and over again in my newsfeeds and

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Bodily Autonomy for Pregnant Women?

We all know the horror stories of strangers coming up and touching a pregnant woman’s protruding stomach, sometimes accompanied by especially lovely statements like “It

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Opioids, Today and Yesterday

Opioid abuse is widespread and seems to be growing. There’s hardly a day that passes that some news source doesn’t cover a story of the

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title IX

Students: Do You Know your Title IX Rights?

What do you think of when you hear the term “Title IX?” Do you know what it is? How it’s used? Do you equate Title

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Elizabeth Warren

Women We Love: Elizabeth Warren

The senior Senator from Massachusetts who was elected into office in November 2012 is the first female senator from the state. Previously a Harvard Law

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Why #OscarsSoWhite Matters

For the second year in a row, the Academy Award nominations were announced with only white actors nominated in 20 acting categories. Some people are

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postpartum depression

The Language of Postpartum Depression

I spend a lot of time thinking about language. As a therapist, I hear people label fairly normal symptoms of stress as “anxiety attacks” or

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roller derby

Feminism, Diversity, and the Roller Derby Community

I was introduced to Roller Derby by my older sister, which is how I have been introduced to many things throughout my life. To take

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Chick Flicks & Chick Lit: Love it or Hate it?

I am in support of spaces that are created to celebrate diverse groups of people. It’s possible that the idea behind “chick flicks” or “chick

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Is Susan G. Komen About More Than the Cure?

You’ve probably noticed at the grocery store that nearly every aisle has some product with a pink ribbon on it, telling you that part of

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Telling Stories that Are Not Our Own

A few years back, the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn was published and people were in a frenzy to talk

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Netflix and the Problem with Parental Leave

I vaguely remember hauling myself and my approximately 2 month old baby to Big Lots for the sheer purpose of getting out of the house.

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Dear Buffalo: A Love Letter and a Call to Action

Growing up outside of Buffalo New York, I learned a lot. I learned about pride, loyalty, and commitment. I learned that the people around me

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The Life of A Radical Abortion Activist: Stella Browne

Stella Browne was a radical feminist born in 1880. She resided in England and lived a life full of friendships with other self-identified radicals such

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What’s the Deal with Male Circumcision?

What’s the deal with male circumcision? Circumcision continues to be quite popular in the United States, with one 2007 study finding that based on community

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