harsh crowd

An Interview with Harsh Crowd, the Feminist Rock Band that Defies Expectations

When I first read about Harsh Crowd in the Feb/Mar 2017 issue of Bust Magazine, I thought it was so fly that this rock/indie/punk band

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Incarcerated Women in the U.S.: An Overlooked Minority

The United States’ obsession with incarceration has become what can only be described as an epidemic. The U.S. makes up only about 5% of the

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mental health services

Finding Mental Health Services When Your Government Doesn’t Care About You

Welcome to the new Age of Oppression, folks, one where a petty, ignorant Cheeto has the power to wipe out our access to social services

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Your Experiences Are Not Universal: On Films About White Men

I watched Richard Linklater’s Boyhood and then the subsequent 2015 Oscars and heard, over and over again, how the film was considered to be such a

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Shower Your Mom with Feminism This Mother’s Day

I have this awful habit of forgetting that my mom’s a woman. Like, not actually forgetting, but I’m so used to interacting with her in this very

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How Tattoos Smash the Patriarchy

I have nine tattoos. (One more and I’ll have finally reached double digits, so if anyone wants to make a donation to the Fund for

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Riot Grrrl Zines to Feminist Blogs: Revolution Girl Style Now

Riot Grrrl was a feminist movement in the 1990’s that was primarily made up of college-aged women in punk/rock bands, many of whom were just

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Sexism and Mental Illness: A Brief History

About six months ago, I started taking Prozac for severe depression and anxiety. I was depressed for about a year and half before I started

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Me and My Menstrual Cup: A Love Story

The first time I ever heard of a menstrual cup, I was on a service work retreat in college with 20 other students. We had

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