psychiatric hospitalizations

Psychiatric Hospitalizations: How To Support A Loved One

A mental health (psychiatric) hospitalization can be an incredibly scary and disorienting experience. Hearing that a friend or family member is being admitted to a

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When The Abuser Is Someone You Know

It’s a nightmare scenario. Somebody you love and care about – maybe a close friend, professor, or mentor – has been revealed to be a

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perfect survivor

Challenging The Myth Of The Perfect Survivor

It was a little while ago that a TED Talk started circulating around on the interwebs – one that caught the eye of many survivors

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Dispatches From Progressive Spaces: On Liberalism and Dangerous Men

When Casey Affleck was handed an Oscar, I felt a familiar sense of dread — dread that a space that, on its face, claims to

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mental illness

No Apology Necessary: Self Care, Accountability, and Mental Illness

Sometimes, I compare my mental illnesses to hurricanes. Diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and PTSD, it’s not uncommon for me to have to pick up

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Our Obsession With Sociopathy Is Distracting Us From Fighting Rape Culture

You’ve seen the articles, self-help books, and countless pop culture references. How to Tell if You’re Dating a Psychopath, the headlines read. And you naturally

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Common Ground: How “Pro-Life” People Can Advocate For Reproductive Rights

“Pro-life” feminists have been in the news a lot lately, primarily due to conflicts about whether or not they should have been allowed to participate

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4 Feminist Resolutions for the New Year

As 2016 rolls to an end, it’s not exactly a secret that there have been some hardships for the feminist collective this year. Between the

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If A Rape Occurs Alone In The Woods

There are people who get away with rape. Even when it’s reported. Even when victims cooperate. Even when we spill our guts to investigators and

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When You Can’t Call Out Trump Supporters

White people, it is your duty to call out racism. Men, it’s your job to shout back to misogyny. Cis people, it’s your job to

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The Female of the Species

How a New Novel Affirms the Anger of Rape Survivors

In the real world, community sexual assault advocates get, frankly, shit-talked all the time when we reclaim our stories and begin to use them to

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