Embracing Our Discomfort: Feminism and Violence

Last month, Kate Earley, a contributor to The Radical Notion wrote an article entitled When the Abuser is Someone You Know. In that article, Kate discusses the

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The Lines of My Polyamory: Shifting Values and Boundaries

Very recently, I separated from my partner of seven years. It’s a long story, filled with the complexity that long relationships bring. The details of

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Prison Abolition is the Feminist Issue We Need to Talk About

Typically when I argue that prisons are a feminist issue, I quickly become unpopular. “Prisons are here to protect us!”, folks exclaim, while writing me

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body hair

Complicating Body Hair: Consent, Gender Violence and Feminism

I am thirteen years old and hiding in my grandmother’s bathroom with my cousin. With one of my grandfather’s bic razors in one hand and

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