With Democrats Backed Into a Corner, New Leaders Will Rise

The anti-Trump movement is showing signs of sustainability. People from all levels of American society, from private citizens to corporate giants, are resisting every step

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manchester by the sea

“Manchester by the Sea” is a Portrait of Male Grief

* Moderate spoilers ahead * Casey Affleck put it best when he said on Saturday Night Live that his new movie is great, but “just

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Is Mike Pence Scarier Than Donald Trump?

There’s an ominous cloud looming over the country and the world right now. Every article in your feed and conversation on television revolves around it,

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Why Do We Allow LGB Celebrities to Act Transphobic

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like Aubrey Plaza. She’s attractive and hilarious — and she recently came out as bisexual, which heightened the buzz

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Fatal Mistakes: The Adultification of Children of Color

I make mistakes. Most of them are inconsequential, like the time I left a tupperware lid in the oven, and then remembered I had left

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Cosmetic Surgery

Why People Don’t Deserve Criticism for Cosmetic Surgery (Usually)

It’s widely recognized that our society is ridden with unrealistic beauty standards for women, girls, boys, men — everybody, actually. In fact, it is so

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8 Feminist Apps You Should Check Out

Feminism is in it for the long haul. A century ago feminists were lobbying for the vote by plastering public spaces with flyers and soapboxing

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Congress’s Refusal to Consider Justice Nominee Threatens Women’s Healthcare

At first glance, the thrilling old man parade that is Supreme Court politics seems to be completely remote from feminism. However, the intricacies of politics

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What Feminists Need to Know About HRC and Feeling the Bern

I imagine it’s hard to be a Republican feminist. They exist of course; on a fundamental level, Republicanism does not contradict feminism. Yes, really. However,

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Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo Uses Fame for Good

Mark Ruffalo, a 48 year old shorty pants, is currently up for an Oscar for his role in Spotlight. In the film he portrays Mike

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Stop Comparing Everything to the Holocaust & Hitler

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump made the particularly odious suggestion of banning all Muslims from the United States. Public outrage followed, and it was

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Feminism and ISIS

Editor’s note: This article contains graphic content about violence and rape.   My feminist education has been sporadic, weird, and largely self-directed. Mostly, I listen.

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9 Ways White Allies Are Falling Short

Salutations to the white people reading this to assure themselves they’re doing all the right things. Unless you’ve been living in an arctic cave or

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Why We Should REALLY Listen to Malala About Literacy

As much as I love the feminist community, I recognize that it has a lot of faults. Perhaps even more than others, because it’s aim

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Not So Sweet: The Danger of Grandiose Proposals

“Will you marry me, ________?” spelled out by a sky writer. This is the one we all know and have all seen in some movie

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