The Truth Behind the Word “Caucasian”

There’s a small strip of land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This mountainous area which includes Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan is known as

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You Need Gabourey Sidibe’s Memoir in Your Life

I love memoirs. I love the idea of moving into someone’s head temporarily and seeing through their eyes. A good memoir will do that for

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body piercing

Parents Don’t Always Get it About Body Piercing and Bodily Autonomy

My mother used to make the argument that piercing a baby girl’s ears during infancy was the best way to do it because they didn’t

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I Don’t Care What Kathy Griffin Did and Neither Should You

Everybody is in a flippin’ uproar about Kathy Griffin posing for a photo with a fake severed and bloody head of Donald Trump. She apologized

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What is the Best Response to Mansplaining?

A few years ago, while in the midst of a home improvement project, my partner was explaining to me how to use a screwdriver. I

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How to Not Be Defensive if You’re Called Out

Let’s say that you made an insensitive joke or used a term that is offensive to someone but you didn’t realize the impact of it

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Then & Now: Racism and Rape Culture

I’ve been visiting Las Vegas for years. It’s one of my favorite places to relax and unwind because of their top notch spas. Anytime I

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A Feminist’s Guide to Criticizing Women

We here at TRN have a philosophy about criticizing women. We avoid the trash talk and click bait that’s found on other sites. That’s not

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What the Dead Can Teach Us About Today’s Politics

Following the tragic sinking of the Titanic, crews of search and rescue folks went to the scene and attempted to collect the bodies of the

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A Story in Memes: The Danger of Positive Stereotypes

There’s no such thing as positive stereotypes. All stereotypes are harmful. I could even make the point that so-called “positive” stereotypes are more harmful than

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Saturday night live

Saturday Night Live’s ‘Girl at a Bar’ is Our 2017 Nightmare

Saturday Night Live has really been on an upswing lately. Between the fact that they’ve finally started hiring diverse performers, they’ve also picked a side

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Fearing for Our Children: Raising Babies in Trump’s America

When Trump won, I was naturally disappointed but not shocked. One of my first thoughts was about how new parents must feel. How terrifying to

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5 Ways Millennials Can Rise in the Trump Era

People bitch about millennials a lot. I’m 37 and I can’t count how many times I’ve rolled my eyes at an unsuspecting millennial. Y’all can

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5 Reasons Not to Comment on People’s Weight

As a child, I was told that I was going to get fat eventually since everyone in our family was bigger. That constant threat really

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george lopez

Why George Lopez’s Racist & Sexist Freak Out is Important

At a recent show in Phoenix, Arizona, George Lopez made the following joke:  “There are only two rules in the Latino family: Don’t marry somebody Black,

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Holy Sh*t, That Was One Horrible First Week with Trump

Trump started the first week of the disaster that is his presidency by getting into a pissing match with the media about the size of

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Opposing Trump is the Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do

My Puerto Rican ancestors lived in a country colonized by the United States. Puerto Rico has struggled with it’s relationship with the United States since

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Masters of Sex: The Feminist Show Nobody Watched

I was really late coming to Masters of Sex. I only watched the show recently but when I finally got around to it, I was

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Why We Shouldn’t Judge Low Income People for Their Food Choices

When I think back about my diet as a child, it’s hard not to be judgmental of my mother. I was eating mostly canned food and

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Things White People Need to Stop Being Shocked About

Note: This article was written prior to recent news reports regarding the level of interference by Russia in the election. Even with Russian interference, the

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