Harry Potter

The Importance of Harry Potter in the Trump Era

On June 26th, 1997, the book publishing world was forever changed with the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The series restructured the

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Are Millennials Really Entitled?

Entitlement. What a loaded word. Merriam-Webster defines entitlement as the “belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges.” This word is lobbed

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The Meaning of Pride: Have We Lost It?

Most people, at least those who are social justice-minded, have heard of the Stonewall Inn Riots of 1969 that radicalized the American Gay Rights Movement.

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Photos: Intersectional Climate Justice At The People’s Climate March

It’s estimated that over 200,000 people gathered on the streets of Washington, D.C. on Donald Trump’s 100th day in the White House to demand comprehensive

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act up

A Letter to LGBTQ Young People On the 30th Anniversary of ACT UP

Dear LGBTQ Youth, This year, March 30th to be exact, is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the radical activist coalition ACT UP. ACT

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What it Really Means to Be an Ally

“It’s 2017”, I heard a woman in class say. “Why do we still need to talk about this?” Her statements were a response to a

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Dear White People: We Need to Stop Glorifying Revolution

My first understanding of revolution that wasn’t out of a textbook was reading The Hunger Games. My 16-year-old brain was filled with the glories of

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Keeping the Personal in the Political

We are in a time in which sexual and reproductive issues are receiving large amounts of political attention. Through legislation that seeks to deny transgender

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Are the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” Campus Events Problematic?

When October came, many people’s first thoughts were of fall weather and Halloween. I’d bet that a close second was breast cancer awareness. For as

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Telling Stories that Are Not Our Own

A few years back, the book Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn was published and people were in a frenzy to talk

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Click-bait Feminism: How it Hurts Feminism & Women

Many have said that we’re entering or already in the fourth wave of feminism with this fourth wave being internet feminism. Even if we’re not

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What a Wonderful World: The Role of Idealism in Activism

Social justice movements have been happening for a really long time.  From slave revolts in Haiti, to the rise of feminism, to child labor movements,

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Thrifting is a Tangible Expression of My Intersectional Feminism

When I was growing up, my older sisters would allow me to tag along as they combed through the wares in numerous Salvation Armies and

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The Theatrics of Menstruation

Let’s talk about periods. Many of us will experience them at some point in time during our lives and yet rarely are they discussed outside

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Why You Should Educate People About Rape

Rape culture is a thing. Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. 1 in 6 women are the victims of attempted or completed

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Why Feminism and Intersectionality is a Team Effort

There exists the criticism that the feminist movement has mostly been directed at white, heterosexual,  and/or cisgender [insert any trait of the privileged folk here] women. Not only straight women are

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Misleading LinkedIn Privacy Policy Puts Stalking Victims at Risk: One Woman’s Story

Personal security is inherently more complicated in the age of the Internet. Between our own online and social media activities, and those of our education

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Join Lady Parts Justice!

Lady Parts Justice is, according to their website a “national movement using humor and outrage to remove bodily autonomy-hating local politicians in 2014 and beyond”.

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Take Action: Support Tondalo Hall

Tondalo Hall, a mother in Oklahoma, suffered years of domestic violence at the hands of her partner. Now she is in prison for 30 years

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Get Involved! Activists Wanted!

Here at The Radical Notion, we don’t want to just bring you editorials about feminist and social justice topics, we also want to keep you informed

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