10 Groups At Risk Under The BCRA

At the end of last month, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) abruptly announced the Senate would delay a vote on the Better Care Reconciliation

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I Don’t Care What Kathy Griffin Did and Neither Should You

Everybody is in a flippin’ uproar about Kathy Griffin posing for a photo with a fake severed and bloody head of Donald Trump. She apologized

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With Democrats Backed Into a Corner, New Leaders Will Rise

The anti-Trump movement is showing signs of sustainability. People from all levels of American society, from private citizens to corporate giants, are resisting every step

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Bathroom Bills

What is the Real Purpose of Bathroom Bills?

Gavin Grimm is a seventeen-year-old transgender student from Gloucester County, Virginia. For several months in 2014, he used the boy’s bathroom at school with no

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‘1984’ and Trump: An Orwellian Affair

There are a lot of reasons to be afraid of the new president; just look at the things he’s done in his first week: announced

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Holy Sh*t, That Was One Horrible First Week with Trump

Trump started the first week of the disaster that is his presidency by getting into a pissing match with the media about the size of

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How 2017 Could Erase Women

The election of Donald Trump, the genocide in Aleppo, and the current global policies that threaten billions of people have each claimed their respective slices

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Is Mike Pence Scarier Than Donald Trump?

There’s an ominous cloud looming over the country and the world right now. Every article in your feed and conversation on television revolves around it,

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Hillary Clinton

Conversations We Didn’t Have About Hillary Clinton

Since November 8th, there have been countless perspectives of how Hillary Clinton lost the election. While discussing America’s future and the outcome of the election,

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Marine Le Pen

Trump’s Victory and the Upcoming French Presidential Elections

Here is one thing we can all agree on: Donald Trump’s victory as President-elect will go down as a crucial moment in not only America,

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Trump’s Sexual Misconduct isn’t Unusual in Politics

The outcome of the 2016 presidential race surprised some. For others, especially the white Americans without college degrees who voted to replace the Democratic establishment,

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Donald Trump

What Your Vote For Donald Trump Really Means

Dear America, What are you telling the world if Trump is elected President on Tuesday? You are saying that: a bully deserves to be respected

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Don’t Get Complacent! Nasty Women Vote!

At a recent rally for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren called out Donald Trump in the most glorious, mic-dropping way possible:

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Self-Care During Election Season

I don’t know about you, but I am having visceral reactions to seeing Trump’s name over and over and over again in my newsfeeds and

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What Will the US Look Like After a Post-Trump Election?

In the hell storm that is the 2016 US elections, we have watched the Republican party develop from the typical pre-primary debacle into one of

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Surviving Having a Trump Supporter in Your Family

If you are surrounded by people who find Trump repugnant, then you’re lucky. I’m lucky too for the most part. I work in social services

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A Woman in the White House: When Reality Meets Fiction

For many of us, the notion of a woman in the role of the commander-in-chief of the United States was one relegated to fiction —

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jo cox

Jo Cox: The Dangers of Being a Woman in Politics

Until recently, there were many that were not aware of who Jo Cox was. It was the result of a brutal attack that meant that

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Justin Trudeau

The Justin Trudeau Incident: Politicians using Feminism as an Excuse

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is famous for his liberal politics, ecological activism, good looks and self-identification as a feminist (hence the gender-balanced cabinet). However,

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use the Word Hispandering

The term “Hispandering” has been around for a while. It first popped up around 2002, long before this year’s presidential election. The term refers to any

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