The Chase and How It Shapes Relationships

I was 7 years old when I saw my mother slammed against the wardrobe, her head hitting the glass, as my father yanked her by

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Why I Won’t Just ‘Give Him a Chance’ Anymore

‘Look at him, he’s so keen on you. Give the poor bastard a chance.’ This was the persuasive argument of a male friend of mine

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The Lines of My Polyamory: Shifting Values and Boundaries

Very recently, I separated from my partner of seven years. It’s a long story, filled with the complexity that long relationships bring. The details of

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Remember that You are Not Difficult to Love

Hey bae reading this. I’m the validation angel here to remind you that you are whole, amazing and worthy of love. If you’ve ever had

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12 Years of Gaslighting: A Break Up Story

When my 12-year relationship ended, I was devastated, but when I found out after that he had cheated on me, the pain was unbearable. The

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break up

Taking Care of Yourself After a Break Up

My biggest fear came true the other day. My relationship of 12 years came to end. Why? Well I am sure he will give you

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A Letter to Myself in the Wake of Divorce

I wrote this letter roughly a year after divorcing my son’s father.  I was living in a tiny apartment with my small son. It was away

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Shedding My Married Name But Not My Marriage: A Personal Story

“When women see our names as temporary or not really ours […] that impacts our perception of ourselves and our role in the world. It

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domestic partnerships

The Rise and Fall of Domestic Partnerships

Last year, the Supreme Court brought us the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, making marriage equality a reality across the US. This was a landmark ruling

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dating apps

Using Dating Apps While Trans

There is nothing worse for your self-esteem than having your existence consistently denied. Lack of visibility and acknowledgement of trans people leads to hardship in

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Internet Dating Made Me A ‘Bitch’

Internet dating was a test of my ability to withstand sexual harassment. What was interesting about this was not the harassment itself, which was often

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bad feminist

Am I A Bad Feminist For Being In Love?

For the most part, I’ve lived a solitary life and my personal space is very important to me. Socially and humanly, my third-world country has

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The Stigma of Being Single at the Holidays

I did a google search on being single at the holidays and found lots of articles on the topic. Many of the articles were specifically directed

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On Spinsterhood in Arab Countries

As a 26-year-old single woman, I am considered to be entering the spinster zone according to my country’s standards. I am lucky enough to have

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The Myth of the Homewrecker

One of the greatest stigmas for women is the perception of being a homewrecker, or a woman who engages in a relationship or sex, with

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Expanding Language: How to Be Inclusive of Diverse Couples

Previously, I wrote an article called Expanding Language and the LGBT+ Community about how to refer to the community itself (i.e. LGBTQ, LGBTQQIAP+, MOGAI, etc). Expanding

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Of Love and Inequalities

Writing is an arduous task. Writing about love is even more so formidable. How do I write about this elusive feeling that I certainly don’t

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About Tinder: Some Brief Advice on Swiping Right

Tinder, what a wonderfully awful app. “Swipe right for a good time.” “I love three things: God, guns, and vaginas.” I, as a college student,

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Ageism and Intimate Partner Violence in Youth Communities

Relationships are really, really difficult—especially when you’re young, just starting to date, and haven’t totally figured out what healthy relationships should be (not that this

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Genders Roles, Stay-at-Home-Husbands & Women as Breadwinners

In 2009, I became the sole breadwinner for my live in family – consisting of myself, my husband, and our two cats. This was an

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