clinic harassment

Can Virtual Reality Decrease Abortion Stigma and Clinic Harassment?

It’s likely that you’ve witnessed people protesting abortion, whether you’ve driven past them or seen video footage on the news. But have you actually walked past those

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She decides

She Decides: A Global Response to Trump

On January 23, as one of his first acts as President of the USA, Donald Trump resurrected the Global Gag Rule, also known as the

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Endometriosis and the Affordable Care Act: A Far From Perfect Match

March 31st marked the end of endometriosis awareness month, and while some people may never speak of the disease again now that we’ve turned a

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Willie J. Parker

Willie J. Parker and the Complexity of Choice

Willie J. Parker, MD grew up in Birmingham, AL. After completing multiple advanced degrees, including an MD from the University of Iowa College of Medicine

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global gag rule

The Trumped Up Global Gag Rule

The Mexico City Policy, known more commonly as the global gag rule, was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. As the president changed, it

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Common Ground: How “Pro-Life” People Can Advocate For Reproductive Rights

“Pro-life” feminists have been in the news a lot lately, primarily due to conflicts about whether or not they should have been allowed to participate

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What The Doulas Can Teach All of Us

The week after the election I realized I was afraid to go to the abortion clinic for my doula shift the following weekend. There were

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out of silence

Out of Silence and Into the Abortion Conversation

For the past few weeks, student groups at campuses across the country have been hosting productions of the play Out of Silence: Abortion Stories from

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Catholic hospitals

Catholic Hospitals: An Unspoken Threat to Reproductive Healthcare

Legislative restrictions to family planning services aren’t the only threat to reproductive healthcare in America today. One area of increasing concern, as highlighted in a

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A Feminist’s Response to Grief Post-Abortion

Abortion narratives seem to be divided into two groups: the women who made a decision regarding a medical procedure, and the women who believe they

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Fertility Coverage, Queer Women, and State Policy

This past August, four queer women filed a lawsuit against the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. In New Jersey, insurance

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The Cost of An Abortion for the People of Northern Ireland

To put it mildly, I’m broke as shit. I have 4 freelance-style jobs, only 3 of which pay and they pay badly. (I hasten to

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Victory for Abortion Access in SCOTUS Ruling

On Monday, June 27th, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-3 to overturn the ruling made by the United States Court of Appeals

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Abortion Care at Campus Health Clinics?

On March 16th, 2016, student senators at the University of California Berkeley unanimously passed a resolution requesting that the school provide medication abortion at the

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What Pro-Life Advocates Mean When They Talk about Babies

In the wake of the outrage over a gorilla being shot by zoo keepers, The Blaze published a provocative pro-life opinion piece titled, “While You Were

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Reproductive Health in the Time of Zika

It might just be due to some complicated algorithm, but it seems like every day I see a new story about the Zika virus outbreak

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Telemedicine Abortion: What it is and Why it Matters

Maine Family Planning, a health organization with clinics across the state of Maine, recently announced that they intend to begin offering telemedicine abortions at 16

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planned parenthood

What It’s Like Having an Abortion at Planned Parenthood

Life is filled with choices, some are incredibly difficult. I’d like to share the story of one of the most challenging ones that I’ve ever

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The Dark History of the Birth Control Pill in Puerto Rico

Author’s Note: This is the third article in an exclusive series originally published at Guerrilla Feminism titled “Porto Rico: America’s Forgotten Colony.” The title was

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Alcohol, Pregnancy, and Autonomy: What the CDC Gets Wrong

Recently the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a press release on the risks of alcohol-exposed pregnancies, which are pregnancies in which the fetus is

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