west bend high school

Reflections on West Bend High School in the DeVos Era

As a middle schooler, when you pictured your upcoming years of high school, did you ever imagine suing your administration for discriminating against you and

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The Forgotten People: Gender Violence and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

You may not be aware of the Rohingya; but there has been an under reported, ongoing refugee crisis happening for over four decades. The UN

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national geographic

The Importance of National Geographic’s ‘Gender Revolution’

The January special issue of National Geographic is wholly dedicated to gender—titled “Gender Revolution.” This issue has spurned a variety of responses from the internet,

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The Value of Protest

From Indigenous peoples’ rebellion against settler colonialism, to the Civil Rights Movement, to decades of feminist organizing, to AIDS activism, to Occupy Wall Street, to

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Not my president

Not My President: Unity in Los Angeles

Last night, I attended a rally at Los Angeles City Hall in protest of President elect Donald Drumpf. Doesn’t that just sound like something out

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Does “Love Make the World Go Round”?: Thoughts On Orlando & Beyond

I am standing in line at the popular clothing store H&M waiting to purchase some items for an upcoming trip. In front of the registers,

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blue lives

The Authority and Accountability of Blue Lives

On May 23 it was announced the Louisiana is passing a “Blues Lives Matter” bill that will classify assaulting a police officer as a hate

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Oscar Lopez Rivera

America’s Ignored Political Prisoner, Oscar López Rivera

Author’s Note: This is the fourth article in a new exclusive series for Guerrilla Feminism titled “Porto Rico: America’s Forgotten Colony.” The title was ‘inspired’

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mental illness

Stigma and the Choice to Disclose Your Mental Illness

Mental illness, though it is largely an issue of biological and environmental factors interacting to enforce certain maladaptive behaviors, is misunderstood. It is a common

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Stages of Allyship: Which One are You?

What fueled your passion to stand up and fight against oppression? Where did your motivation stem from? What do you strive for? Are you an

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The Tide is Changing: UA Students are Calling to be Heard

Being a student at The University of Alabama gets tiring. Week after week after week people (usually students) at our university do or say something

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Is America Suffering From the Disease of Police Mentality?

Society has a sickness. Worse than sickness: a disease. This illness? Is exponentially and continually deadly, boasting a body count that has no ceiling in

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5 Reasons Why Colleges Need Preferred Name Policies for the Safety of Transgender Students

Historical women’s colleges such as Mills, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and, most recently, Wellesley, are receiving a great deal of attention for changes in admissions policies

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Filipina Mail Order Brides: How the U.S. Contributes to Human Trafficking

(I have been aware of the issues facing Filipina women for years largely because I studied trafficking in the Philippines extensively when I was in

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Divorcing the Housewife Myth

When we think back to the 1950s an image comes to mind of a woman in a cocktail dress, baking cakes and cleaning up her

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How Child Marriage Prevention Relates to Everyday Social Justice

In the developing world, 1 in 3 girls are married before the age of 18. In fact, 1 in 9 girls are married before turning 15

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Mental Illness: How the Media Defends White Murderers

In as many recent cases as I can remember where a white man (or teenager) commits mass murder, I have never once heard that man

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How College Campuses Fail Sexual Assault Victims without US Citizenship

Recently, The New York Times published an article applauding certain colleges and universities for publicly discussing their methods of financing undocumented students’ educations. These efforts

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Why Feminism and Intersectionality is a Team Effort

There exists the criticism that the feminist movement has mostly been directed at white, heterosexual,  and/or cisgender [insert any trait of the privileged folk here] women. Not only straight women are

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