doctor who

Lucky Thirteen: Doctor Who Introduces a Female Doctor

On Saturday, the BBC announced that, for the first time in Doctor Who’s 50+ years, it would be introducing a female Doctor. Let me say

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masters of none

‘Masters of None’: Season 2 Feminist Review

If you haven’t watched Aziz Ansari’s Netflix’s show, ‘Masters of None’ then be prepared for some spoilers in this review. Created by Ansari and Alan

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The L Word

What We Deserve in an L Word Reboot

I have a special relationship with The L Word. Back in undergrad, I was kind of a big deal amongst the campus queers because I

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Thank You, Sense8

Two years ago, I remember seeing Sense8 on Netflix. I had just finished a season of Orange Is The New Black. I hovered my mouse over the

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Orphan Black

Five Feminist Reasons to Binge Watch Orphan Black

An abundance of female characters, clones, science-fiction, action, mystery, fast-paced storytelling and plot twists that will make your head spin: what more could you ask

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Hulu’s Harlots: The Ties that Bind in a Brothel House

Hulu’s Harlots, released this spring, has a lot going for it. It is a story that encompasses the lives of prostitutes* in 18th century London.

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#ThatsHarassment: A New Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

The feeling of unwanted eyes on you. The relentless stream of undesired comments as you walk down the street. The blatant disregard for your sense

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Colleen Wing

Why Colleen Wing is the Real Hero in ‘Iron Fist’

Iron Fist is a recent Marvel Netflix show that tells the story of comic book super hero Danny Rand; the billionaire heir to Rand Industries,

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The Handmaid's tale

A Feminist Review of The Handmaid’s Tale

Two women, best friends, sit in the kitchen discussing some recent government-inflicted changes. One woman’s husband is there, discussing this with them as well. Things

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South asian

Why Representation Matters: South Asian Characters in Western Media

Pop culture indescribably shapes our lives and the way we treat everything within it. TV theme tunes, funny catchphrases and fashion are exposed to us

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Thirteen Reasons why

13 Reasons Why: Problematic Text to Promising Adaptation

Major Spoilers Ahead! The latest book-to-television adaptation in the young adult world is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher—a book that has been highly acclaimed

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The Diversity in Superstore and One Day at a Time

I love drama. Give me deep, mind warping intricate storytelling that stirs every feeling in the human catalog of emotions and I’m all over it.

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Wentworth: Australia’s Take on Women in Prison

Chances are, if you are a living, breathing person you’ve watched — or at least heard of — Orange is the New Black, America’s hit

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Masters of Sex: The Feminist Show Nobody Watched

I was really late coming to Masters of Sex. I only watched the show recently but when I finally got around to it, I was

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manchester by the sea

“Manchester by the Sea” is a Portrait of Male Grief

* Moderate spoilers ahead * Casey Affleck put it best when he said on Saturday Night Live that his new movie is great, but “just

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Rob and Chyna: How Abusive Relationships are Used to Sell TV

Recently, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian split in a very public, nail-biting mess. There were tears (a proliferation of the “loudly crying face” emoji), rants,

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Your Complete Guide to Every Movie Directed by a Woman in 2016

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a gender problem, both creatively and administratively. But, while gendered representation has been a hot topic for some time,

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holby city

Holby City, Berena, and Lesbians of a Certain Age

When asking for visibility of queer women on television, viewers have been expected to accept whatever has been tossed our way, whether it be in

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the handmaiden

A Feminist Film Review: The Handmaiden

If you’ve ever watched a lesbian film and thought, “Hey, I wish this wasn’t unbearably depressing,” or, “Hmm, pretty good, but it needs more crime

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A Goodbye To HBO’s Looking

The leaves have fallen from the trees and pumpkin patches have transformed into Christmas tree plots. The time to curl up behind your laptop with

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