Embracing Our Discomfort: Understanding the Lives of Abusers

Last month, Kate Earley, a contributor to The Radical Notion wrote an article entitled When the Abuser is Someone You Know. In that article, Kate discusses the

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Pride Month

Why Pride Month Matters — Especially in the Trump Era

It’s June, which means that LGBT Pride Month is in full swing. Pride parades, marches, and rallies are being organized all over the country (and

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YA Novels

10 LGBTQ YA Novels to Read During Pride Month

LGBTQ+ young adult literature has come a long way since I’ll Get There, It Better be Worth the Trip by John Donovan was published in

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psychiatric hospitalizations

Psychiatric Hospitalizations: How To Support A Loved One

A mental health (psychiatric) hospitalization can be an incredibly scary and disorienting experience. Hearing that a friend or family member is being admitted to a

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Sexist Hiring Practices: The Path of Least Resistance

I work in one of the many warehouses around the country (and the world, honestly) of a corporation that is so pervasive in our culture that

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body piercing

Parents Don’t Always Get it About Body Piercing and Bodily Autonomy

My mother used to make the argument that piercing a baby girl’s ears during infancy was the best way to do it because they didn’t

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female genital mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation in the United States and Beyond

Female Genital Mutilation, most frequently referred to as FGM, is something we typically hear about happening in far-off countries. We never think of the possibility

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Don’t Worry, It’s Just My Period

She was bent over in pain, breathing deeply. It was hot outside, even for mid-July. Smack-dab in the middle of a 14-hour shift of washing

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The Disenfranchisement of The Queer Community Under The Trump Administration

This title is a mouthful, especially when read out loud. It’s daunting and maybe a bit awkward. I fumbled around with different names, but it

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Meet the Nepali Woman Whose Feminism is Changing Her Community

About a year and a half ago I went to Nepal for six weeks. I was going there for both developmental aid and immersion in

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What is the Best Response to Mansplaining?

A few years ago, while in the midst of a home improvement project, my partner was explaining to me how to use a screwdriver. I

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When The Abuser Is Someone You Know

It’s a nightmare scenario. Somebody you love and care about – maybe a close friend, professor, or mentor – has been revealed to be a

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mandated reporting

Is Mandated Reporting Helping the People it was Designed to Protect?

The term “mandated reporting” can be applied to a variety of instances and professional roles. As a clinical social worker, I am bound by the

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How to Not Be Defensive if You’re Called Out

Let’s say that you made an insensitive joke or used a term that is offensive to someone but you didn’t realize the impact of it

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Then & Now: Racism and Rape Culture

I’ve been visiting Las Vegas for years. It’s one of my favorite places to relax and unwind because of their top notch spas. Anytime I

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Are You Tired of People Asking You if You’re Tired?

Doctor: “Don’t challenge me, Harriet Jones, because I’m a completely new man. I could bring down your government with a single word… not a single

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The Apology Gap: Do Women Apologize Too Much or Men Too Little?

In contemporary American society, there is a significant apology gap between women and men, with men’s infrequent apologizing viewed as the norm and women’s apology

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Riverdale: A Feminist Show With Strong Potential

For the past few months, The CW has been airing their newly TV-adapted series based on the Archie comic series. The series, Riverdale, places the

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A Feminist’s Guide to Criticizing Women

We here at TRN have a philosophy about criticizing women. We avoid the trash talk and click bait that’s found on other sites. That’s not

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The Monster Myth in Rape and Domestic Violence

Discussions of sexual and domestic violence often tend towards a focus on the individual perpetrator and their reprehensible character. They generally paint a picture of

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