bridget christie

Bridget Christie’s A Book For Her: A Feminist Review

Bridget Christie’s A Book For Her (*and for him, if he can read) is a delightful and hilarious look at the worlds of both feminism

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Janet MOck

What Janet Mock’s New Memoir, Surpassing Certainty, Taught Me

From her 2011 “coming out” piece in Marie Claire, to her groundbreaking memoir Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More,

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Stevie Nicks

What Stevie Nicks Has Taught Me

We are huge Stevie Nicks fans in our household. We’ve been to a few (okay, seven…) shows during her recent 24 Karat Gold tour. My

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ariana grande

3 Times Ariana Grande was a Fierce Feminist and Ally

Before the end of last year, singer and performer Ariana Grande made headlines by penning a feminist manifesto on Twitter. The post touched on the objection of

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taraji p. henson

The Feminism of Taraji P. Henson’s Memoir

*Moderate spoilers ahead* So, Taraji P. Henson has written a memoir. I knew I wanted to review this book instantly, but I had no idea

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Jane E. Hodgson

Desperate for Hope in the Trump Era: Dr. Jane E. Hodgson

Today it seems there are nearly constant threats to our reproductive freedoms. Will Planned Parenthood be defunded? Will the birth control mandate survive into next

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7 Badass Women Who Saved 2016

If there is anything that we as a global society can agree on, it’s that 2016 hasn’t been the most spectacular year. With the extensive

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Ellen Degeneres

Women We Love: Ellen DeGeneres

As Finding Dory makes its debut, Ellen DeGeneres has been receiving a lot of praise for her role as Dory. Finding Dory is not the

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Susan Sarandon

Why Susan Sarandon is My Feminist Hero of 2016

When I daydream about Susan Sarandon, which is often, I like to imagine her in a superhero costume with a giant “F” blazoned across her

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Nawal El Saadawi

Women We Love: Nawal El Saadawi

When I started writing for TRN, I discovered that I have relied on American and European female feminist writers to learn about feminism. I am

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Elizabeth Warren

Women We Love: Elizabeth Warren

The senior Senator from Massachusetts who was elected into office in November 2012 is the first female senator from the state. Previously a Harvard Law

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Virginie Despentes

French Writer Virginie Despentes Doesn’t Care if You’re Offended

When reading books, I go through phases that resemble food cravings when you just want one certain type of food, like you want strawberry flavored

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5 Badass Feminist Poets Everyone Should Know

If you ask someone to name a feminist poet, more than likely the answer will be either Maya Angelou or Emily Dickinson. Both of these

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7 Feminist Mantras for the New Year

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible at keeping my New Year’s resolutions. I make a really good effort for a few weeks

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Carrie Brownstein’s “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl” and Sleater-Kinney’s “No Cities to Love” Tour: A Mash-Up Review

Sleater-Kinney recorded their 2005 album The Woods, the band’s last release before their 9-year hiatus, in Cassadaga NY, located approximately 20 minutes from where I

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Felicia Day’s Memoir: A Feminist Book Review

Felicia Day is queen of the nerds. She is one of the most well known women in gaming and geek culture and, as most feminists

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11 of Cher’s Greatest Feminist Tweets

Cher is arguably one of the greatest icons of all time. I will talk at length to anyone who is willing to listen about how

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12 Fun Facts about The Notorious RBG

If you haven’t heard about the badass-ness of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you are missing out. Below is a primer on our

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Five Times Madonna Smashed the Patriarchy

I remember listening to the True Blue album on my walkman so much that a tangled mess of tape would come out and I would

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Women We Love: Janet Mock

If you don’t already know who Janet Mock is, get ready! If you do, this should reinforce what you already know, she is AMAZING! Mock

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