6 Feminist Vloggers You Should be Watching

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Alex Velazquez

Writer, photographer, dog lover, professional fangirl, tone-deaf music lover.

As a teenager, coming to terms with my gayness and my identity in the early 00’s, most, if not all, my sex-education came from the Internet and even there, in the main sex hub of the world, there was so much crap to dig through before hitting the tiniest nuggets of gold, because most sex on the internet is porn, and porn isn’t realistic sex, and so on and so forth. I don’t know if that’s still the case for kids now, though I can imagine that it is. Despite our advancement, the world is still a shockingly toxic place for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the traditional heteronormative lifestyle, and this is why the internet remains, for a lot of people, a sole safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community, and in a world of Bloggers and Vloggers, I thought it would be useful to talk about a select few that have quickly become personal favorites, as they provide helpful information, frank opinions and an openness and positive outlook on sex, identity, everything in between, and beyond, while remaining entertaining and relevant. But guys…most importantly—to me at least—they call a vagina by its name. No “down there” or “private place”, which I’ve seen enough of and it just drives me crazy! Let’s just say pussy, and call it a day, shall we? Anyway, here is a short list of cool chicks you might want to check out.

Melanie Murphy-I haven’t watched many of her older videos, but her more current ones addressing bisexuality and sexuality in general are a delight. Melanie also has a series in her YouTube channel called PMS Party in which she discusses her period, and whatever issue she feels like addressing that revolve around menstruation and everything about it. She regularly films videos regarding body positivity and every issue that comes with achieving that. Most notably, her videos discussing sex with people of different genders and sexual identities are a highlight.

Kat Blaque-Kat Blaque is am artist and transgender rights activist who makes videos about everything from dating, politics, race, feminism etc. etc. etc. I’m not saying she’s the most personable YouTuber currently vlogging, but, she should have her own talk show that should be aired everywhere in the world.

Check out her video on Feminism and men!

Rose & Rosie-Rose identifies as a lesbian, while Rosie identifies as a bisexual. They are married now but you can pretty much see the development of their relationship since the very beginning, as, while it’s really Rose’s channel, they’ve filmed together in some form or another since they first began dating. And they’ve never shied away from sex topics, nor do they fear addressing ridiculous popular ideas about lesbian relationships.

Rosie-What’s important and notable about Rose and Rosie, aside form the organically witty banter, is the refusal to concede to bi-erasure, which now brings us to Rosie’s own YouTube channel and her Bi-Sexy series. But also, check out the masterpiece that is her Scissor Shaming video.

Akila Obviously-Akila has an awesome way of mixing entertainment and comedy with social commentary and takes no prisoners, especially when it comes to calling out Washington. Check out her Black Female President in 2032 video.

Stevie Boebi-And now, we’ve come to my recent favorite. Stevie Boebi. Stevie’s channel is a lot of things, but by far my favorite aspect, is its sex informative portion. She is inclusive without being preachy, she’s effortlessly funny, and more recently, she’s begun a lesbian 101 series that is just delightful and exactly what I wish was around when I first discovered sex with girls.


Tell us your favorite sexy sex positive , feminist vloggers, even better though, tell us your favorite non-white vloggers! Because it’s really difficult to find active ones!