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5 Reasons Why Megan Mullally is a Feminist Icon

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I don’t trust people who aren’t a little bit in love with Megan Mullally. It’s simply impossible not to love her. Mullally is a woman of many talents; she’s a comedic genius, a talented actress, a gifted songstress and dancer — the list goes on. At 59, she is busier and more badass than ever. Mullally can be found starring in the revival of Will & Grace, frontlining her band, Nancy and Beth, with Stephanie Hunt, and taking social media by storm with her hilarious selfie videos.

When she’s not being #RelationshipGoals adorable with her husband, Nick Offerman, Mullally is an activist and advocate. She’s a supporter of the #TimesUp campaign and has even spoken at the Women’s March. She’s used her online presence to support the trans community, Planned Parenthood, race issues, and has even riffed on Trump.

Again I say: how can anyone not love her?

If you’re not already rocking some serious heart eyes for Megan Mullally, let me seal the deal for you. Below are just a few quotes from Mullally herself that prove just how much of a badass feminist icon she really is.

On Nancy and Beth’s cover of Gucci Mane’s “I Don’t Love Her”:

“I always call it a feminist anthem and joke that we think it was written by Gloria Steinem. Just the fact that Stephanie and I do that song is a feminist statement—[our performance] makes you stop and think about where we’re at as a culture. If you hear the Gucci Mane version, that’s one thing. But if you hear it performed by a 28-year-old and a 58-year-old woman, it makes you sit up and take notice….In our version, we say a lot of funny stuff in the background of the song about how she’s not enough of a feminist for him, even though she’s really good in bed, but that’s just not gonna cut it for this guy.”

megan mullally
Nancy and Beth

Mullally’s letter to the queer community during LGBT Pride Month:

“As we celebrate Pride in this distressing time, we take comfort in the knowledge that nothing and no one can stop our forward motion. The ever-increasing swell of tolerance, acceptance, and awareness that lives and breathes in more and more people from every walk of life, every day. Enlightened humans, spreading that light one to the other to the other. We press on. We don’t balk. We stand tall. Slowly the tide turns and keeps on turning.

I love you all and hold you in my heart.” 

megan mullally

On Aging:

“I’m more sure of myself now than I was 30 years ago. I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as “too old” to pursue the things that inspire me. In fact, you can do whatever you want to do for as long as you want to do it. Around the time I turned 50, I stopped caring so much about what other people thought of me. There’s something powerful about not taking yourself too seriously.”

megan mullally

On the Trump Era:

“Every single person has to be part of the resistance. You can’t sit back and think it’ll all work out. You have to do whatever you can in a peaceful, smart, but determined way.”

megan mullally

On how women can stay sexually healthy:

“Take care of that puss, ladies. Take. Care. O. Dat. Puss.” 

megan mullally

Thank you, Megan Mullally, for being such a badass feminist icon.

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