My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder: Murder and Feminism

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Alex Velazquez

Writer, photographer, dog lover, professional fangirl, tone-deaf music lover.

We true crime buffs get to enjoy our favorite subject in popular media at intervals. It’s one of those fads that comes and goes. There will be long periods of living on ‘I Survived’ reruns, and A&E shows, but lately there seems to be a resurgence of true crime entertainment for all you armchair detectives and amateur sleuths; crime shows, documentaries (thank god for Netflix), and in this recent resurrection, Podcasts–a lot of them, well made ones. But today, I’m here to introduce you–if you don’t know them already– to your new Murder Moms, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff of the My Favorite Murder Podcast.

my favorite murderApproximately one month ago, while listening to the last published episode of Casefile, Stitcher recommended something to me called My Favorite Murder. I clicked on it, and I was hooked. You know that feeling you get when you find something you didn’t know you were looking for and it’s just the right fit, and you can’t believe you’d lived without it so long? My Favorite Murder was that for me.

Georgia and Karen found each other at a party while discussing certain topics that wouldn’t necessarily pass as your normal ice breakers for most and this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that birthed their audio love child.

My Favorite Murder is a weekly Podcast (with a special mini episode published mid-week) in which our hostesses pick a murder and tell each other–and us–about it, and in it lies its originality. Unlike other True Crime Podcasts I’ve listened to, theirs follows a more casual structure–or non-structure if you will. It’s more conversational, with the two once in a while straying toward some personal story relating to something that’s just been mentioned. It’s less of a dissection of cases and more of a chat between friends of the “Oh my god you’re not going to guess what happened” nature.

This is a crime podcast with heart and humor. Talking about rape and murder is a difficult line to walk in a comedy show without running the risk of being tragically offensive, yet Hardstark and Kilgariff skip and somersault across the line because they are earnest and kind, and in the end, it’s all about the victims. Serial killers have a way of becoming inexplicably notorious. People like Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson have somehow managed to gain and maintain a twisted fanbase of devotees even while in prison. However, My Favorite Murder isn’t here to make heroes of monsters. Victims are discussed with warmth and empathy, survivors are cheered for, and on the rare occasion when these killers have been caught and jailed, the fact is favorite murder

The ultimate icing of the cake, though it’s a pretty obvious ingredient, is the Feminism of the whole thing. From the obvious reverence of the victims, who are often female, to the occasional off-veered rant about sexism, racism and the offhanded remark about their fanbase including no Trump supporters, it’s so delicious it must be fattening.

There is something so satisfying about listening to two women talk comfortably about dark subjects with no opportunity for a man to step in and mansplain something really quickly. They are unapologetically flawed, often discussing their own struggles with drugs, alcohol addiction, and the importance of mental health. They have inspired a fanbase of people–aptly named Murderinos–to find comfort in a community of sorts; attorneys, housewives, students, detectives. Murderinos are not just true crime aficionados. These are people of all walks of life who find empowerment through the voices of two very real, very funny intelligent women who have come out the other side and are not afraid to admit sometimes that it’s hard staying there, but also, therapy helps.

Karen and Georgia are not perfect. They may mispronounce cities, get a couple of facts wrong here and there, but they’re not above correcting themselves, making it a point to do this at the beginning of every episode, and they also care enough about you to remind you every week to stay sexy, and don’t get murdered. So, if you like murder, cursing, and bad-mouthing the patriarchy while you’re at it, listen to My Favorite Murder moms and don’t forget to pepper spray first, apologize later.

You can listen to My Favorite Murder on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.