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14570418_10210108953617275_4997641255532252384_nTanya, Editor in Chief

I’m a 37 year old feminist living in New England with my partner, my two amazing daughters, and a pug named Lily. I have an obsessive love of Harry Potter. I read everything but I have a particular affection for dystopian fiction. I cook but really only if it involves the crock pot. I swear a lot. I’m half Puerto Rican which may explain my love of spicy food, Christmas, everything Jennifer Lopez wears, and telling it like it is. Keeping it real is my jam.


Screen%20Shot%202015-04-29%20at%203_11_56%20PMAlex Velazquez, Associate Editor

I am a Mexico born writer, photographer, movie obsessed, lady loving, tattooed animal lover. I’ve lived in Los Angeles since I was 8 years old, I’m now 29 and I’m in love with this city. I am an aspiring screenwriter/Director, I have an obsessive fascination with controversial books and film. If they’ve been banned at some point, I want to read them. I wholeheartedly believe that love and kindness are the ultimate keys to happiness. Music is my mistress. I also love food and coffee.

IMG_3555A.P. Scheiderer, Associate Editor 

Born and bred Wisconsinite living in Minneapolis, MN. Has been known to spend very necessary amounts of money on extra sharp cheddar, brats, and beer. B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Passionate for talking about intersectionality and not wearing pants, preferably simultaneously. Embroiderer. Earth sign. Feminist. Friend.


IMG_1192 Danielle,  Associate Editor 

28-year-old nerd born and raised in Western Massachusetts, I left one conservative small town to go to college in another, where I learned some things and earned Bachelor’s degrees in English and Women’s Studies. Now, I’m back in Western Mass with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and living with the woman I’m going to marry and our two fur babies. I get way too excited about queer things, television, and fan fiction.

Headshot (Iovannone)Jeffry Iovannone, PhD, Associate Editor

I’m queer feminist scholar-activist, who has a PhD in American Studies. My interests lie primarily within LGBTQ studies and the history of social justice movements. I also like yoga, vegetarian cooking, and have more books than I know what to do with.

384783_10200629158949309_28922910_nAlexis Record, Senior Writer

I am a feminist and an advocate for those with special needs and lower socioeconomic status. Among our homeless population here in San Diego I am known as Backpack Lady. Currently I’m a mother to three children with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) through adoption and the foster system. I’ve written a children’s book called Different Like Me highlighting AMC in hopes to spread awareness of this severe physical condition, and the needs of people with this condition around the world.


BlackbirdBlackbirdEvolution, Senior Writer

I’m a pale white kid who grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY so I know a thing or two about snow, chicken wings, and being fiercely loyal to generally terrible sports teams. I’m a social worker, feminist, partner, and mom. This makes for some interesting stories to share here.


??????????????????????????????? Amber Hathaway, Contributor

I was born and raised in Maine and love my state, but I do not like snow (except for in those rare instances in which it cancels classes).  I am a graduate student studying physics and hold an MA in Mathematics and a BA in Mathematics with a second major in Women’s Studies and minors in Physics and Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy.  I am a co-chair of my campus feminist organization.  I spend my free time writing horror, reading, crafting, and spending time with my wonderful partner.  I also have a strong interest in history and genealogy and during the summer I will occasionally head outside long enough to scour local cemeteries and town offices for information about my ancestors.

a152474d-3f81-4fc6-9d13-59220a455a73Neva Newcombe, Contributor

I’m a young woman living in Western Massachusetts. I’ve been writing ever since I knew what writing was, I’ve been an intersectional feminist for 5 years, and I’ve always been curious, but my credentials end there. I grew up a nerd and now I’m still a nerd, but I got taller and I cuss more and care about race issues. Everyday I learn something new about the social justice issues I track (women’s rights, classism, racism and ableism), a list which is growing all the time. I love comedy and entertainment, I love space, and I love when I ask someone a question and they’re frozen for a second because they’re a little alarmed I’d ask something like that. Also, grilled cheese. I’m not all love though (just mostly). There’s nothing I hate more than pretentiousness, except maybe oppressive power structures that are economically solidified.

DSC_1300 (1)Alexandra O’Sullivan, Contributor

I’m a modern day Daisy Miller. I wear my brands on the inside and my body hair on the outside. I’m in love with classic literature that is bubbling with resentment about the oppression of women before the oppression of women was being acknowledged as a thing. I’m a solo mother living in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up riding horses in country NSW and went on to have a disastrously injury prone career as a jumps jockey, before having my son and completing a BA in Media Communications, Literature and Creative Writing. I still ride horses whenever I can, but more often now I write about riding horses. I write articles, fiction and creative non-fiction.

e745dcb5-f9c9-4ab7-a256-f8710f1c4074Jonathan G, Contributor

I’m a 24 year old intersectional feminist with a strong affinity for pop music. When I’m not bopping around in my room to sweet tunes, I am probably getting my daily dose of my favorite YouTube personalities. With a BA in English (Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition) and a minor in Communication Studies, I recognize the importance of words and try to use mine to make the world a better place.

83526ffd-bc5d-4851-a9e4-c5d58a4d56c9Little Brown Feminist, Contributor

Fully fledged Asian English girl, with all the overdone politeness and love for tea to boot. I’m 25 with a BA in English and Politics, heading back to uni to do my Masters in Women’s Studies in 2016.

I have a passion for getting into debates that have no foreseeable end, every kind of edible carb and reading whatever I can get my hands on. I volunteer for feminist charities and causes, with a particular interest in activism to end violence against women in it’s many forms.

a693931f-eb7f-48d5-9d24-b3e3453373eePreet Vara, Contributor

Born in NYC, bred in Singapore. There are few things I hold dearer to my heart than making the world a more just – and happier – place for women. Passionate about women tearing up STEM, research, or any field they desire and above all, seeing women get together and make things. B.A. in Economics-Mathematics from Columbia with lots of time spent researching and advocating for LGBT+ issues. Love coffee, good books, and all the Bollywood classics.

untitledNicole, Contributor
I am an American expat living in Sweden who is fueled by 30% tequila, 30% coffee and 40% sarcasm. I am a language lover, a coffee consumer, a gadget geek, a sushi snob, and an alliteration admirer. I have a black belt in eye rolling & I’m not afraid to use it.

unnamed (5)Amanda Shepard, Contributor

Born and raised in Western Michigan, I recently completed my M.A in Children’s and Young Adult Literature from Central Michigan University and have been struggling existentially with where the next step in life is going to take me. I spend my time reading, perusing the young adult section in Barnes and Noble, binging the latest Netflix show, and posting way too many pictures of my cat on Instagram. I can usually be found in the nearest coffee shop, absorbing way too much caffeine.

untitledHolland Ferguson, Contributor

My credentials aside, I find studying the way mankind interacts with each other and the subsequent social and economic outcomes a fascinating endeavor. When I’m not outside, I spend time volunteering in my community and trying new vegan recipes.

unnamed-6Kate Earley, Contributor

I’m your typical feminist killjoy with a love of public affairs and politics. When I’m not working PR, you’ll probably find me advocating and trying to avoid garbage fires online, organizing in my community, or watching Jessica Jones. I got my B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Sociology a few days after I turned 18. Most of my writing will center around the emotional/personal side of sexual assault, since I’m a survivor, but you’ll always catch a few rants about mental health due to my firsthand experience with PTSD, bipolar II, and a dissociative disorder.

unnamed-7Taylor Romine, Contributor

I am a queer genderfluid femme who currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with my partner and puppy. I recently graduated from UC Berkeley where I double majored in Media Studies and Gender & Women’s Studies. I fight for intersectional feminism every day, and try to use my writing as a medium to reshape previously held cultural concepts into something much more complex. In my free time, I like to be pretentious and make sarcastic comments.

Zeina, Contributor

Palestinian born New Yorker pursuing a graduate degree in counseling. I am a witty intersectional feminist and human rights advocate striving to reclaim space in a capitalist driven world. I only enjoy coffee in the morning and see many cats in my future.


Jessica L. Andersen, Contributor

24-years old, raised in New Jersey, now living in Brooklyn, NYC. I love music and science, so I got a degree in Acoustical Engineering. I love mindfully moving in my body, so I started teaching yoga. I think that living shame free in our bodies is a fundamental human right, so I made body positive stickers to put on crappy subway adds (and co-founded My Body Does, check us out!). I think that everyone deserves well-researched and compassionate healthcare, so now I’m going to become a doctor. When I’m not studying, I’m reading about abortion rights, the history of birth control, and all other things at the intersection of feminism and medicine.

Jules Ozone, Contributor

I am a feminist grad student living outside of Boston. I did my undergrad in Western Mass., where I learned about the power of collective, community-based learning; I majored in Social Thought and Political Economy, a program that I have heard non-majors refer to as “that weird communist club…?”. I also had the opportunity to facilitate a class on grassroots community organizing that reinforced my passion for social justice education. After college, I fell into a deep depression, an experience that ultimately inspired me to become a mental health counselor as I recovered. I am especially interested in traumatic stress and how it intersects with oppression, and I bring feminism and social justice into every aspect of my work. In my spare time I can be found listening to punky girl bands, figuring out how to garden in tiny spaces, and catering to my masochism by reading Trump’s Twitter feed.

Brooke Noonan, Contributor

The scene is Ann Arbor, Michigan. 2010. A young woman pursuing her
B.S.E. in Computer Science learns 1. coding is hard and 2. being not-male makes it harder. An intersectional feminist is born.

Years later, my projects include: diverting my activism away from entrenched corporate and political systems, finally understanding Tor, exploring queerness, hoarding vintage coats, diversifying my emoji use and militantly goofing off. RISE UP, WOMEN OF EARTH!

Moe, Contributor

I am a New York State-born writer, activist, feminist, and crafter with an affinity for challenging norms, engaging in difficult conversations, and drinking too much coffee. I am most passionate about prisoner justice, prison abolition, and body politics. I enjoy pondering about the interconnectivity among people and identities, meditating, hanging out with my awesomely creative and hilarious son, and reading science fiction and fantasy.


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