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Tanya, Editor in Chief

I’m a 38 year old Gryffindor from Massachusetts. Come on, that part about being a Gryffindor is important. It’s like the most important thing you can know about me. Writing bios is the worst but I’ll give it a shot. Things I like: I like art a lot but really only the modern stuff because all that French impressionist crap was ugly AF. I love writing the feminist things for this website and hanging out with my bomb ass friends. I like all kinds of music except country because no. Just no. I’m deeply appalled by Trump and everyone who voted for Trump or anyone who’s still supporting Trump. He’s disgusting. My father was Puerto Rican and I like to cook PR food and drown it in Adobo. I love Michelle Obama, JK Rowling, and JLo, possibly in that order.

 Danielle,  Managing Editor 

31. Massachusetts. Mental health professional. Hufflepuff.
Likes: My wife, my cats, my friends/family, queer things, feminism, television, books, fan fiction, cupcakes.
Dislikes: Trump, ignorance, spiders, and those scary things that grow on potatoes.

Alex Velazquez, Associate Editor

I am a Mexico born writer, photographer, movie obsessed, lady loving, tattooed animal lover. I’ve lived in Los Angeles since I was 8 years old, I’m now 29 and I’m in love with this city. I am an aspiring screenwriter/Director, I have an obsessive fascination with controversial books and film. If they’ve been banned at some point, I want to read them. I wholeheartedly believe that love and kindness are the ultimate keys to happiness. Music is my mistress. I also love food and coffee.

Headshot (Iovannone)Jeffry Iovannone, PhD, Associate Editor

I’m queer feminist scholar-activist, who has a PhD in American Studies. My interests lie primarily within LGBTQ studies and the history of social justice movements. I also like yoga, vegetarian cooking, and have more books than I know what to do with.

unnamed-6Kate Earley, Associate Editor 

I’m a feminist writer by night, PR consultant by day, and I’m an anti-rape culture and pro-mental health advocate whenever I have the time. You’ll primarily find me hustling at full speed, writing about innovation, trauma, women’s rights, bisexual focus, and mental health issues. My writing is informed by my experiences as an assault and trauma survivor.

BlackbirdBlackbirdEvolution, Senior Writer

I’m a pale white kid who grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY so I know a thing or two about snow, chicken wings, and being fiercely loyal to generally terrible sports teams. I’m a social worker, feminist, partner, and mom. This makes for some interesting stories to share here.

??????????????????????????????? Amber Hathaway, Contributor

I was born and raised in Maine and love my state, but I do not like snow (except for in those rare instances in which it cancels classes).  I am a graduate student studying physics and hold an MA in Mathematics and a BA in Mathematics with a second major in Women’s Studies and minors in Physics and Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy.  I am a co-chair of my campus feminist organization.  I spend my free time writing horror, reading, crafting, and spending time with my wonderful partner.  I also have a strong interest in history and genealogy and during the summer I will occasionally head outside long enough to scour local cemeteries and town offices for information about my ancestors.

e745dcb5-f9c9-4ab7-a256-f8710f1c4074Jonathan G, Contributor

I’m a 24 year old intersectional feminist with a strong affinity for pop music. When I’m not bopping around in my room to sweet tunes, I am probably getting my daily dose of my favorite YouTube personalities. With a BA in English (Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition) and a minor in Communication Studies, I recognize the importance of words and try to use mine to make the world a better place.

unnamed (5)Amanda Shepard, Contributor

Born and raised in Western Michigan, I recently completed my M.A in Children’s and Young Adult Literature from Central Michigan University and have been struggling existentially with where the next step in life is going to take me. I spend my time reading, perusing the young adult section in Barnes and Noble, binging the latest Netflix show, and posting way too many pictures of my cat on Instagram. I can usually be found in the nearest coffee shop, absorbing way too much caffeine.

Amanda Moser, Contributor

I’m a 30 year old mover and shaker from Austin, Texas. I grew up in the military and have moved… a lot. Because of this I can make friends with a tree. Don’t look at me like that, George is lovely. I’m a believer in therapy and dancing and humor and following your dreams. Life is too short to be bogged down by “shoulds.”  I’m a momma to two furry babies and if I didn’t know it was impossible I would swear that I’d birthed them from my loins.
I love learning about world-wide issues — and researching them obsessively. I’m currently knee-deep in postcapitalism and economic recessions. I’m passionate about, and can usually be overheard discussing, intersectional feminism, political protests, LGBTQ issues, race relations, and solo traveling. I want to go everywhere and see everything. I love David Bowie. I really love David Bowie. I’ll probably talk a lot about David Bowie. You’ve been warned.


Kate Harveston, Contributor 

I’m 22 years old and interested in anything related to social justice and human rights. I’m originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania and I’m in a very committed relationship with iced coffee. My hobbies include exploring new cities, curling up with a good book, and teaching Zumba fitness classes. You’ll frequently find me ranting about the patriarchy– hopefully you’ll find my ranting to be thought-inspiring and unique.

Tanya M, Contributor 

A queer feminist who has lived, worked, and studied in Ukraine, China, Ethiopia, and the UK with the love for Colorado mountains, climbing them, and discussing how to make our world a better place. Holds an MA in International Relations and mostly uses it to share fun international facts with strangers at parties.

J Aprileo, Contributor

I’m just your regular 20-something year old, queer, non binary, self love advocate, who binge watches Netflix and rants about the gender binary, heteronormativity, and lack of fat-positive representation in the media. Trust me, I’m a lot of fun at parties.

Colin, Contributor
I am 29 years old, unapologetically queer (both in terms of gender and sexual orientation), a vegetarian/pescatarian, world-traveler, scholar, writer, advocate of intersectional feminist practices, a communist, LGBTQ+ youth advocate and work with queer youth in my community.
I currently am teaching English in Madrid, Spain and want to continue within the field of education and my work as an activist in the classroom.  In the classroom I want to teach students about critical race studies, transgender and queer perspectives, and the use of language as form of power and reclamation.

Rama, Contributor

I was born in Mali, West Africa and then I raised in five other countries before somehow landing in  Freezing cold Winnipeg. I spend my time reading, eating, singing along to all kinds of music and binge watching shows on Netflix (usually Gilmore girls, or Grey’s anatomy). I am very passionate about intersectional feminism, international relations, Social Justice, caffeine and large glasses of white wine.

Kate Cruickshank, Contributor

I’m a 24 year writer with an MA in Literature, Culture and Identity. Most of the time I’m splicing gender theory with pop culture, and when I’m not doing this I’m experimenting with different flavours of tea. I love food, it’s the only thing exempt from my own ongoing feminist commentary – other things I like that didn’t escape a constant dissection are music, films, anything involving zombies, and books, especially science fiction.

Alixis Russell, Contributor

I am a law student at the Brandeis School of Law in Louisville, KY. My dream is to represent people in courts of law and make sure that their voices are heard and that justice is realized. I love the sun, pasta, a broad array of music and podcasts, my dog Sophie, and my boyfriend Michael. But arguably more than anything, I love growing into the voice and advocate that I was put on this earth to be. That, of course, takes a lot of hard work, and I hope you will join me on this journey of becoming the most intersectional feminist I can be. Please, I welcome any and all constructive criticism – this is about the unheard and the marginalized, not about me! (Pronouns: she, her).

Little Brown Feminist, Contributor

I’m a twenty something with a love of tea, dry humour, books, spicy food and finding innovative ways to destroy the patriarchy. I have a Masters in Women’s Studies, with a particular interest in race/ethnicity, gender identity, social injustice, politics and pop culture. I believe empathy is the best method humanity has to heal our global problems.




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