About TRN

Welcome to The Radical Notion, a social justice and feminist website. We are a collection of volunteer writers and staff. Everything we do here is completely unpaid and we are an advertisement free website. We do it simply because we want to spread the good word about intersectional feminism. To us, online feminism is valuable as a tool to engage the next generation of feminists. We recognize the contributions and hard work of feminists who came before us and can only hope that we can honor their work by raising our voices here to stand up against oppression.

At TRN, we believe that choice in feminism is paramount. When people of all genders have the freedom and opportunity to make choices, that’s what feminism is about. But, of course, nothing is ever that simple so if you’d like to read more about our position on choice and feminism, click here.

Above all else, we are a pro-woman site and that means a few things to us. You won’t see us post click-bait articles here accusing famous women of not being feminist enough or in general, ripping women apart for their choices. That’s not our style. We really have one rule here and that is that we don’t trash talk women. Or anyone really. We are fully inclusive and that includes men because feminism is about equality for all and it’s also about not alienating anyone from the movement. We would like to bring more male voices into the feminist discussion. For more about our values of tolerance, compassion, and kindness, click here.

As I previously said, we are an inclusive site, unless you are a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) because, sorry to say, but you are the only person that I will ever say isn’t a real feminist. We are trans friendly here at TRN. We have a lovely group of diverse writers of various gender identities and ethnicities. TRN has been blessed to have writers from all over the world. When they have applied to write for us, the common theme is that they feel that TRN demonstrates a level of true intersectionality not found at many other sites. That’s the goal but we also recognize that intersectionality is not something that someone achieves. It’s an ongoing lifelong process and we’re committed to it for the long haul.

We’re happy you’ve found us and hope you will become a part of the TRN community by reading and commenting. Or maybe even applying to be a writer!


Tanya Parker,