woman in white

Summer Reading for Feminist Horror Fans: Woman in White

Looking for some summer reading? If you’re a horror fan, Kristen Dearborn’s novella Woman in White might be up your alley. The story opens with

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Are Millennials Really Entitled?

Entitlement. What a loaded word. Merriam-Webster defines entitlement as the “belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges.” This word is lobbed

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Embracing Our Discomfort: Feminism and Violence

Last month, Kate Earley, a contributor to The Radical Notion wrote an article entitled When the Abuser is Someone You Know. In that article, Kate discusses the

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west bend high school

Reflections on West Bend High School in the DeVos Era

As a middle schooler, when you pictured your upcoming years of high school, did you ever imagine suing your administration for discriminating against you and

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Pride Month

Why Pride Month Matters — Especially in the Trump Era

It’s June, which means that LGBT Pride Month is in full swing. Pride parades, marches, and rallies are being organized all over the country (and

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Orphan Black

Five Feminist Reasons to Binge Watch Orphan Black

An abundance of female characters, clones, science-fiction, action, mystery, fast-paced storytelling and plot twists that will make your head spin: what more could you ask

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The Meaning of Pride: Have We Lost It?

Most people, at least those who are social justice-minded, have heard of the Stonewall Inn Riots of 1969 that radicalized the American Gay Rights Movement.

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YA Novels

10 LGBTQ YA Novels to Read During Pride Month

LGBTQ+ young adult literature has come a long way since I’ll Get There, It Better be Worth the Trip by John Donovan was published in

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psychiatric hospitalizations

Psychiatric Hospitalizations: How To Support A Loved One

A mental health (psychiatric) hospitalization can be an incredibly scary and disorienting experience. Hearing that a friend or family member is being admitted to a

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You Need Gabourey Sidibe’s Memoir in Your Life

I love memoirs. I love the idea of moving into someone’s head temporarily and seeing through their eyes. A good memoir will do that for

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Sexist Hiring Practices: The Path of Least Resistance

I work in one of the many warehouses around the country (and the world, honestly) of a corporation that is so pervasive in our culture that

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Hulu’s Harlots: The Ties that Bind in a Brothel House

Hulu’s Harlots, released this spring, has a lot going for it. It is a story that encompasses the lives of prostitutes* in 18th century London.

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body piercing

Parents Don’t Always Get it About Body Piercing and Bodily Autonomy

My mother used to make the argument that piercing a baby girl’s ears during infancy was the best way to do it because they didn’t

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female genital mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation in the United States and Beyond

Female Genital Mutilation, most frequently referred to as FGM, is something we typically hear about happening in far-off countries. We never think of the possibility

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#ThatsHarassment: A New Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

The feeling of unwanted eyes on you. The relentless stream of undesired comments as you walk down the street. The blatant disregard for your sense

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Colleen Wing

Why Colleen Wing is the Real Hero in ‘Iron Fist’

Iron Fist is a recent Marvel Netflix show that tells the story of comic book super hero Danny Rand; the billionaire heir to Rand Industries,

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I Don’t Care What Kathy Griffin Did and Neither Should You

Everybody is in a flippin’ uproar about Kathy Griffin posing for a photo with a fake severed and bloody head of Donald Trump. She apologized

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Caitlyn Jenner

Ex-Olympian Becomes Brunette Bombshell: Caitlyn Jenner’s “The Secrets of My Life”

Caitlyn Jenner is, without question, a polarizing figure both inside and outside of the LGBTQ community. Some members of the transgender community regard her advocacy

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Don’t Worry, It’s Just My Period

She was bent over in pain, breathing deeply. It was hot outside, even for mid-July. Smack-dab in the middle of a 14-hour shift of washing

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clinic harassment

Can Virtual Reality Decrease Abortion Stigma and Clinic Harassment?

It’s likely that you’ve witnessed people protesting abortion, whether you’ve driven past them or seen video footage on the news. But have you actually walked past those

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