The Handmaid's tale

A Feminist Review of The Handmaid’s Tale

Two women, best friends, sit in the kitchen discussing some recent government-inflicted changes. One woman’s husband is there, discussing this with them as well. Things

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The Disenfranchisement of The Queer Community Under The Trump Administration

This title is a mouthful, especially when read out loud. It’s daunting and maybe a bit awkward. I fumbled around with different names, but it

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Meet the Nepali Woman Whose Feminism is Changing Her Community

About a year and a half ago I went to Nepal for six weeks. I was going there for both developmental aid and immersion in

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young adult

The Rise of Diversity in Young Adult Literature

The push for diversity in young adult literature is a fairly recent one, with authors, publishers, and librarians working to ensure that adolescents’ lives are

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Stevie Nicks

What Stevie Nicks Has Taught Me

We are huge Stevie Nicks fans in our household. We’ve been to a few (okay, seven…) shows during her recent 24 Karat Gold tour. My

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What is the Best Response to Mansplaining?

A few years ago, while in the midst of a home improvement project, my partner was explaining to me how to use a screwdriver. I

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Why I Won’t Just ‘Give Him a Chance’ Anymore

‘Look at him, he’s so keen on you. Give the poor bastard a chance.’ This was the persuasive argument of a male friend of mine

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Photos: Intersectional Climate Justice At The People’s Climate March

It’s estimated that over 200,000 people gathered on the streets of Washington, D.C. on Donald Trump’s 100th day in the White House to demand comprehensive

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When The Abuser Is Someone You Know

It’s a nightmare scenario. Somebody you love and care about – maybe a close friend, professor, or mentor – has been revealed to be a

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mandated reporting

Is Mandated Reporting Helping the People it was Designed to Protect?

The term “mandated reporting” can be applied to a variety of instances and professional roles. As a clinical social worker, I am bound by the

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South asian

Why Representation Matters: South Asian Characters in Western Media

Pop culture indescribably shapes our lives and the way we treat everything within it. TV theme tunes, funny catchphrases and fashion are exposed to us

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The Lines of My Polyamory: Shifting Values and Boundaries

Very recently, I separated from my partner of seven years. It’s a long story, filled with the complexity that long relationships bring. The details of

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act up

A Letter to LGBTQ Young People On the 30th Anniversary of ACT UP

Dear LGBTQ Youth, This year, March 30th to be exact, is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the radical activist coalition ACT UP. ACT

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How to Not Be Defensive if You’re Called Out

Let’s say that you made an insensitive joke or used a term that is offensive to someone but you didn’t realize the impact of it

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Then & Now: Racism and Rape Culture

I’ve been visiting Las Vegas for years. It’s one of my favorite places to relax and unwind because of their top notch spas. Anytime I

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Are You Tired of People Asking You if You’re Tired?

Doctor: “Don’t challenge me, Harriet Jones, because I’m a completely new man. I could bring down your government with a single word… not a single

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The Apology Gap: Do Women Apologize Too Much or Men Too Little?

In contemporary American society, there is a significant apology gap between women and men, with men’s infrequent apologizing viewed as the norm and women’s apology

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What it Really Means to Be an Ally

“It’s 2017”, I heard a woman in class say. “Why do we still need to talk about this?” Her statements were a response to a

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Riverdale: A Feminist Show With Strong Potential

For the past few months, The CW has been airing their newly TV-adapted series based on the Archie comic series. The series, Riverdale, places the

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A Feminist’s Guide to Criticizing Women

We here at TRN have a philosophy about criticizing women. We avoid the trash talk and click bait that’s found on other sites. That’s not

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