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Saturday Night Live’s ‘Girl at a Bar’ is Our 2017 Nightmare

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I am the outspoken feminist that Pat Robertson warned you about.

Saturday Night Live has really been on an upswing lately. Between the fact that they’ve finally started hiring diverse performers, they’ve also picked a side in a very clear way. Yes, it was always a liberal show but the softball humor of the election season was really pissing me off. There were a lot of veiled implications about the horror of Trump’s rise but it wasn’t until after the election that the gloves came off. For me the turning point of the tone of Saturday Night LiveĀ was Kate McKinnon’s tearful rendition of Hallelujah dedicated to Secretary Clinton. But between Alec Baldwin’s unapologetically accurate depiction of Trump to Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious take on Press Secretary Sean Spicer, they’ve finally gotten real about what’s going on.

This past weekend, SNL really killed it. Their shining moment for feminists was a sketch called ‘Girl at a Bar’ starring Cecily Strong. While waiting for a friend to show up, she meets a series of men, all who claim, in one way or another, to be progressive, feminist men but it turns out that’s just their agenda. Watch the video below:

I’ve heard a lot of women recently complaining about these wolves in sheep’s clothing; men who are using the current political climate and popularity of mainstream feminism to seem like good guys but really they’re (surprise!) trying to get in your knickers. Now I know this is a tricky topic. On the one hand, we don’t want to assume that any dude who’s proclaiming himself feminist is doing it because he just wants to bang women. On the other hand, the reason we need feminism is because of douchey shit guys have been doing since the caveman times. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that some guys would use popular feminist catch phrases to try to pick up the ladies.

Personally, I haven’t seen much of this. That could be because I’m not in the dating scene or it could be because I live in Massachusetts, the most liberal place on the planet. What about you, dear reader? Have you encountered the fake feminist man looking for a quick hook up?


  1. What’s kind of sad and true though, is that a lot of women actually do like the douchey shit that guys have been doing since cave man days. That’s why guys do it, because it works. I hate to break you the news, but a lot of heterosexual women go for the asshole douchy types. Curious to know when women are gonna start going for men that are genuine and kind? Still haven’t figured that one out.

  2. Im totally on the lookout for this. I just don’t trust any men anymore. You never know what they really think when they are around men only. Or the things they say. I’ve seen wayyyy too many men be sweet and kind, all openness and everything good to wives, daughters, girlfriends and women in general and yet the things they say about women when they think no women is listening is absolutely astounding. A lot of women also seem to have a high level of denial/ turning a blind eye/ complete ignorance about their partner as well. Simply infuriating on all sides.

    So I’ll be completely honest and say I can’t tell. I can’t tell which of these men are wolves in sheep clothing vs genuinely good. What the last few years have shown me though is that the large majority of men do fall on the side of seism/misogyny, especially when some buttons are pushed/ego gets tickled/pride comes into question. So many men will show their true colours if you call out their bs, or life gets hard.

    I don’t know what to say other than, I refuse to be in a relationship with anyone for the foreseeable future. Because you just don’t know. No matter how sweet and nice he just don’t know. And if he does turn out to be one of the sexist ones which probability suggests he will, the fallout would be a lot greater than any downsides of remaining single.

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