Women We Love: Janet Mock

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If you don’t already know who Janet Mock is, get ready! If you do, this should reinforce what you already know, she is AMAZING! Mock is uber-talented, well respected, and stunningly beautiful. But, before we get into any of that, lets address what comes up with any web search of her name. Yes, Janet Mock came out as a trans-woman in 2011. Mock has been clear that she was always a girl, “born in what doctor’s proclaim is a boy’s body”. This is not a small piece of her life, as it has influenced her as a woman and an activist. For more on her life as a trans woman,  I highly recommend you check out her 2014 book Redefining Realness, and let her give voice to her own unique story. For the purposes of this article, however, I’m choosing to focus more on Janet Mock as an activist and all around badass and less on her gender identity.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons to learn more about Janet Mock (aside from the fact that I love lists).

712pK3lTs1L._SL1500_1. A first generation college student; Mock has a BA in Fashion from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a Masters in Journalism from New York University. It’s no surprise that Mock gets her message of equality, acceptance and advocacy out to the masses in a well written and articulate manner. Did I mention her book Redefining Realness made the New York Times bestseller list?

tumblr_md7n0qKdkj1rkgd4ro1_12802. Her style and fashion game is on point, all day. I mean, there is no denying she looks Ah-maz-ing. Mock is a head turner for all the right reasons. She is the perfect combination of classy, cool and sexy. Follow Mock on instagram to get your daily dose of fashion-envy.

unnamed (16)3. Mock has a HUGE social media presence (check her out on Twitter @janetmock) and is praised for making social media a space that is safe, accepting and open. In 2014, Mock received the Maggie Award for Media Excellence in “Social Media Campaign” for her #RedefiningRealness Tumblr page. She upholds these same standards on all her social media platforms. Its nice to have a welcoming, safe space online where the trolls are a-plenty. you can be yourself.


4. Mock hosts “So POPular!” on the streaming platform Shift.  While this is a definite nod of approval towards MSNBC for choosing a transgender woman of color, its also a HUGE nod to Mock for taking the experience of ‘pop culture’ television to a different place. Mock has referred to SoPOPular, as a place “to discuss the things you pretend you’re too smart to like in an effort to expand the idea of what is considered political and worthy of analysis”. Mock takes on topics including; gender equality in Hollywood, the obsession with actors/actresses bodies, cultural appropriation and slut shaming to name a few.

unnamed (33)5. She is real. Mock is a woman who openly shares her reality and her story, with others in a selfless effort to help people become their best and true selves. What’s not to like about that?