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Worst of the Week is a place to recap the week and start conversations about how women are portrayed in the media.  And, now, here’s the Worst…

tina-fey-amy-poehler-golden-globes-01122014-08-600x450The Red Carpet: Its awards season! While the Golden Globes and Emmy’s have passed, many Hollywood females are now taking to social media to ask one very important question: Ask me more! The Red Carpet interviews are always interesting, but this year, the women of the big screen want more! More than, who are you wearing, how do you stay in shape, and who are you dating? While some of these questions are also asked of male stars, the females of stage and screen get little other than questions about their appearance. Amy Pohler has begun a Kickstarter Campaign, fittingly named ‘Ask Her More’. Lets hope the message is received.

bruce_jenner_intouchIn Touch Magazine: By now you’ve likely heard about the recent In Touch Magazine cover featuring Bruce Jenner; Photoshopped to have long hair and make-up. But Worst of The Week couldn’t let this one slide.  Jenner has made no public statements about any transition that may or may not be happening in his life.

who-is-the-carls-jr-commercial-girl-meet-charlotte-mckinneyCarl’s Jr.:  The fast food chain has come out with yet another racy commercial that seems to be trying to sell skin more than hamburgers. The company has long used scantily-clad females in provocative positions to get patrons to purchase their food. The newest ad (which will air during the 2015 Superbowl), is no exception. Carl’s Jr. doesn’t seem to have any interest in participating in the changing standards of the current advertisement climate; which appeals to a broader more divers customer base….oh, and doesn’t objectify women.


This Weeks Ultimate Worst….

untitledInstagram The social media platform often gets bad press for censoring and deleting certain content. That would be fine, if it seemed to be across the board. The site has more recently been criticized for deleting pictures of heavy set women in revealing outfits, while not holding photos of women within the norm of socially acceptable bodies to the same standards.

This week however, Instagram banned photos of women where pubic hair was ever so slightly visible.  Lets face it, we all have hair.  Male photos on the site are not deleted when pubes are visible. So whats the message here Instagram? Shave, Wax or be banned?

While Instagram’s questionable deletion and censoring policy get us all fired up, you can follow The Radical Notion on Facebook and Twitter site for body positive messages, inclusive ideas and fun photos.


As always, send us your Worsts!