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Worst of the Week is a place to recap the week and start conversations about how women are portrayed in the media.  And, now, here’s the Worst…

west quayWest Quay Cars: A Southampton, UK based taxi company put out an anti-drunk driving ad recently. The ad featured the tagline “If I Start To Look Sexy- Book A Taxi”. While I’m fully in support of anti-drunk driving campaigns, this one featured a middle aged, heavy set woman. The clear undercurrent of the Ad was that when you get drunk you make bad decisions: which include drunk driving or finding someone attractive that doesn’t fit the socially enforced body type norms. This Ad is not only offensive to women, but also to the men who find all types of women attractive. The company did later issue an apology, but damage done.

Researchers loads PCR samplesSTEM: Once again the internet is on fire with male commenters who feel there is no disparity between men and women in the sciences. Even when faced with study results from the Journal of Psychology of Women Quarterly, comments continued to flow in. The study highlights not only the gender gap, but pay disparity, and evidence of application reviewers feeling female applicants were less competent (even with identical resumes). This article in The Washington Post provides a deeper look.

InternsSunday Style Magazine: Intern positions available! Sunday Style, owned by Australia’s News Corp, provides a weekly fashion and beauty insert in the magazine. An advertisement, posted on the magazines Instagram account looking for new interns was accompanied by a photo of a lingerie clad woman on a bed. Last I checked, magazine interns don’t work out of bedrooms. The magazine pulled the Ad and issued an apology, but in the world of magazine publishing, one would assume they would be more tuned in to the current move towards equality, acceptance and differing views of beauty. Shame on you Sunday Style.

masterchefjuniorMasterChef: The cooking shows’ junior version for young kids was looking forward to crowning its newest young winner, Victor Beltran last week. Beltrans stuffed pepperoni pizza however was overshadowed by his sexist remarks. The 12 year old champion told its viewers (3.2 million to be exact), that ‘women instinctively now how to clean, thanks to genetics’. Beltrans mother has come out publicly, embarrassed and stating their household stresses equality and she and her husband share chores. While the remark from this 12 year old is rude and inappropriate, I can hope that his age, and the public outrage will help him course correct these beliefs as he grows.

This weeks Ultimate Worst!

It was again Golden Globes time, and while Hollywood was a buzz with who might win, and what designer our favorite stars were wearing that night, Jeremy Renner took the stage. Accompanied by Jennifer Lopez to present the award for best actor in a mini-series or TV, Renner decided to make an off color comment to Lopez.

untitledThis Worst is actually two-parts in my opinion. The first being JLo asking Renner if he wanted her to open the envelope ‘cause I have nails’! Come on Jennifer, you got that! The second and clearly worse part was Renner then glancing down into Jenny from the blocks’ plunging neckline and proclaiming ‘ you also have the globes too’.

golden-globes-tina-fey-amy-poehler_article_story_largeWhen the awards are hosted by female powerhouses Tina Fay and Amy Pohler, its probably best to check your sexist inappropriate comments at the door, or better yet; stay home.


As always, send us any worsts you find and get em on the list!